Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 3-Wheel of Dreams

It's already Week 3!  I am really enjoying our time together...seeing your work, reading your comments and visiting many of your blogs has inspired me on so many levels.

This week's Word is....


to perform (an act, duty, role, etc.)
to execute (a piece or amount of work)
to accomplish; finish; complete
to put forth; exert: Do your best.
to be the cause of (good, harm, credit, etc.); bring about;effect.

Think about your questions from last week...specifically your answers to What lights me up? Are you doing enough of those things to fill your heart ? To make YOU happy...mind, body and soul?  Here's my list...

*Inspiring others
*meeting new people
*teaching others art, writing
*spending time with my family
*writing and sharing uplifting ideas

Look at your list and ask yourself...what one thing can I do TODAY that lights me up? 

I mean surely we can do something, right? We all lead busy, hectic lives....but if we take just a few minutes out of each day....those minutes will add up and before we know it our dreams are coming true. We are happy and fulfilled...mind, body and soul.

Author and Artist  SARK calls these baby steps "micromovements".

"Creative Dreams can get stuck inside our heads, in drawers, inside computers, and in closets. We are all filled with fabulous ideas and descriptions relating to our dreams...however we know that some of what leads to a dream fulfilled may be tedious, mundane, boring, or just really  time-consuming. If you are a practicing procrastinator, perfectionist, avoider, busy or whatever....then micromovements are for you."

These words are so encouraging to me. I remember the first time I read through her book "Make Your Creative Dreams Real"...when I read about her "micromovements" I thought...I CAN do this! My dreams no longer seemed so out of reach.


"A micromovement  is a very tiny action that anyone can take toward some part of his or her creative dream. It's 5 seconds to 5 minutes in length. You write it down, along with a date and time for completion. You will feel energized and may want to continue for longer than 5 minutes. O r you may work for a minute or two then decide to take a nap."

Here are a few of her Micromovement ideas...

1. Creative Dream is to write a novel
    Micromovement: Sunday at 2 PM I will turn on my computer and create a file called "Novel".

2. Creative dream is to travel to Europe and paint.
     Micromovement: Call Val at 3 PM on Sunday about her friend living in Italy painting.

Here is what MY Micromovements look like.

1.  Creative Dream: To have a successful Blog filled with women from around the world sharing their art, words and life with me.
      Micromovement: Sunday afternoon gather my creative idea books, my journal and pens and make a list of 10 ways to grow my blog creatively.

2. Dream: Run a marathon with my son in January 2013
    Micromovement: Take out my calendar and plan my power walks for the week.

Are you getting the idea?

SARK sums up micromovements like this...

Micromovements continue to support my creative dreams. I have learned that it uses more energy to resist or avoid taking action than it does to make a micromovement. Every creative dream I've made real exists because of hundreds or thousands of mircromovements."

Can you imagine how much your life will change if you begin implementing this simple exercise into your life?
I BELIEVE it's the difference between living in the light or letting the darkness of "what could have been" take over and consume you.

This week will change your life!! I promise once you DO these Micromovements {no matter how big or how small} your  life will change. 

It will.

So let's have some fun shall we??

Your Assignment is to create a Micromovement Wheel. It's easy and will look pretty sweet in your Smash Book or Art Journal.

Here are  a few simple steps to create your wheel.

*Draw or paint or cut-out a large circle {it should take up most of page}
*In the center of the circle or wheel draw a circle large enough to write the words "Creative Dream" {then add your Dream}
*Make lines or spokes inside the circle {like a pie slice} 
*Make as many lines/spokes as you want
*Fill in each "slice" with a micromovement 


*In the center of my wheel it says "Creative Dream": Host an art retreat 
*In my slices I will write things like...
     Call Mozingo and ask about renting cabins
      Make a list of all possible places to have retreat
      Send an email to everyone I know that may be interested
      Ask my local art shop if they want to sponsor/help me out
      Research art retreats within a 500 mile radius

Are you getting the idea??

Art it up anyway you want with chipboard, stickers, paint, sparkles, flowers...however you choose. I will be posting mine on Tuesday:) remember...look at your What lights you up list...pick out one or two that really speak to you then decide on what Micromovements you can begin doing today. Create your Wheel then transfer those answers onto your wheel. You are all set!

Let me know how you are doing!!!

See you Tuesday with our Week 2 Winner:)


  1. Oh I think I will be making more than one wheel. Maybe 3. I have never heard of this... it's all new to me. Loving this exercise.

  2. Thank you Leslie! Can't wait to get started! xoxo

  3. I love the idea of micromovements...not nearly as overwhelming as looking at a goal as a whole.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog & for your kind comment :)

  5. Oh this is fun. But I only just finished Believe, so I think I'll just stay behind! Thanks so much!!! This is super great fun!!!

  6. I am enjoying your class. Catherine Bakos-Snowden

  7. what a great assignment, as maggie said above, i think i will make a few of these :) and what a great class. this is awesome. i am enjoying catching up on each week and i want this class to last forever, please. it is so inspiring... i want to create my own class now!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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