Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Can I Do?

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

driving home from the gym this morning I drove by our old house on North Buchanan. We loved that house. It was HUGE and old and had so much character. The thing is it needed lots of updating and we just didn't want to put that much money into we moved nearly 3 years ago. Don't get me wrong...I ADORE our new home. It's brand new and's just the memories from that old place...

Driving by I noticed the front porch first. Many summer nights we spent swinging on the old porch swing and playing the "car game". Jackson was just 8 when we moved there...Em just 5.

Now, here they are 15 and 12. Where did the time go?

Anyway, as I drove by I thought about time and how fast it was going...then I thought about what is it I can do to make my family happy? Am I doing enough? Is laundry, cooking and cleaning what they really want or is it playing games, catching a movie or just hanging out? I made a promise to myself this morning. Starting today, right now I'm gonna be on the lookout for ways I can make my family's day better. Maybe it's listening to Em go on and on about her friends and all the drama at school. Maybe Jackson wants me to play Call of Duty with him for a bit (who are we kidding though...Jacks would never ask me that!!LOL!) Maybe I can make sure that each and everyday my husband comes home to a clean, fresh smelling enviroment with peace and quiet when he needs it.

All I know is...starting today I'm gonna focus on my family more than ever. They are so very precious to me and time is fleeting. They will be gone way too soon.

I would love to hear what YOU do to make your family happy? Leave me a comment and win a prize!! (Yes, I'm still wanting to give something a way!!)

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