Week Three Art Journaling Love: Meet Sherry Canino

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” — Henry Ward Beecher
This is Sherry.
I met this amazing girl at Art Beach in October 2015.
We connected instantly!
I just KNOW you will be inspired by her today!!

When did you start art journaling and how? Did something or someone inspire you?

I originally started out as a scrapbooker about 14 years ago, but unlike most I actually wrote in my books – this was where I journaled but I didn’t realize this was leading up to me being an art journaler – I just wanted to write personal notes etc in my books so someday when I’m gone there would be bits and pieces of me left behind for my loved ones, not just a photo (I also always used original photos – the one and onlys that I had -  which was a big no no haha – I have no idea what everyone wants with 10 photos of the same thing.)  About 9 or 10 years ago I met Julie Balzer and her mom at a scrapbooking crop in MA.  She was PAINTING in her scrapbook – I was beyond intrigued to say the least and after watching her I wished I had paints with me.  That’s when I realized that it wasn’t the scrapbooking that I loved it was the “art”  I went home and started to use paint and whatever else that seemed fun and artsy on my pages.  About 3 years ago when I had some major changes in my life is when I really got into art journaling and would write on my pages then paint over them working out things inside of me from my past and present.  I didn’t want others reading these things so hence the painting over all my writing.

 Where do you go for inspiration? 

 I love pintrest of course but honestly I find it many times too overwhelming and to mainstream and I found that in the past when I would do this I would find myself trying to “copy” other’s styles that I liked instead of being authentic  to myself.
In April 2016 my dad passed – I spent his last month helping care for him and my mom who has dementia - which was way worse than any of us realized.  This occurrence with all the emotions and feelings flying around inside of me left me feeling like I didn’t know who I was anymore and that’s when I found Flora Bowley  and I signed up for her Studio Diaries – it is here that I really learned to “just be me” .  I had felt for so long that I was just following the next hottest fad or trend and didn’t really feel I had a style – I still don’t feel I have a style or if I do I don’t know what you call it lol, but I was not only drawn in by Flora’s style of fearlessness in creating but also her confidence about being true to oneself.  I have had many conversations with myself this past year to stop looking on Pintrest and what others are doing and just do your thing, be happy with who I am and where I am.  So my main go to’s for inspiration are 2 magazines that are not really art related – Bella Grace I buy religiously at my local Barnes and Nobles – I know I could order it but there is something about rushing out when you know the issue is going to hit the stands and grabbing a cup of coffee while flipping through the new issue.  This magazine has so many inspiring and heartwarming stories, not to mention it has interactive pages with fun and inspiring to dos or ideas .  Each issue is different and special and packed with life’s inspirations.  The other magazine that Inspires me is call Happinez this magazine also is jam packed with uplifting stories, healthy recipes,  yoga etc it truly is the magazine for Mind Body and Spirit.  Drawing inspiration from these magazines helps me stay true to my authentic self and not follow the next new fad. 

A Beautiful page taken from Sherry's journal
What type of journals do you use? Do you make your own? What is your favorite paper weight?

I started out using the Large (I think it’s 8” x 10”)Dylusions Journal but since then I have tried other mixed media notebooks / Journals – I have made a few of my own but mostly I now work on 140lb watercolor paper sometimes in a pad but mostly single sheets – this gives me the ability to move and lift my paper however I like easily and I don’t have to worry about bulk or other sheets getting in the way – I plan to put them into a handmade journal.

What are your can’t live without supplies?

Well if you have seen my work you know I can’t live without my stencils – I really love acrylic paints both matte and regular and I have been recently getting into more water colors and combining them with the acrylics which I really really love.  I also can’t live without my Golden Heavy Gel Matte Medium (this is my go to for collage or any gluing) and a black pen and a white gelly roll pen.  

What’s your advice to other journalers? 

Don’t focus on the next fad.  Do what you like, what you love and in your way or style, don’t be afraid to share at the stage you are at as we are all at a different point in our journeys and the connections you can make by sharing your art are just amazing.

**Sherry has had much recognition for her work and loves sharing her passion for Art with others!!

I was published in a local magazine here where I live Called Syracuse Women in the Jan/Feb issue 2015 – this what landed me my start in doing Art Therapy for the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Ophelia’s Place which is a program for people who have eating disorders.  I also not facilitate the weekly Support Group there as well.  This has been life changing for me to have the opportunity to share and use my art as a tool to help others heal and recover.  I am a Creative Team Member for Jessica Sporn Designs.  I have also been a guest artist for StencilGirl Products as well as a featured artist several times for StencilGirl Voices (Stencil Club). This year I started a weekly series called Stencil Crush Tuesdays – this is a video series (found on my YouTube Channel) where each week I create an art journal page or tag etc utilizing the stencils that I love.

**And speaking of tags....here are two from Sherry. Aren't they GORGEOUS!!!

You can find Sherry several places on-line. Be sure and check it out!!!

My YouTube: Sherry Canino
Instagram @caninosartisticcafe
Facebook:  Canino's Artistic Café

Thank you SO MUCH Sherry for sharing your Heart and your Art with us!! I LOVED your magazine ideas and am going to check them both out. 

Here are the Words and Affirmations to Inspire your Art Journals this week...


*I Choose Me
*I can always begin again
*I am Open for Success
*I release all negativity and hold JOY in my Heart
*All fear is gone. I am successful and grateful.


  1. I absolutely loved your tag video! The colors are so rich, and all the shimmer and shine makes my heart go pitter pat!

  2. Fantastic post. Sherry is definitely inspired me since we met through social media. Her work is beautiful, empowering, and colorful

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  4. Sherry is awesome and I look forward to her posts. Great article about her. I hope to meet her in person some day.

  5. I really love the picture of the angel you drew...I would encourage you to ditch the stencils and do more freehand work!


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