Friday, February 3, 2017

Meet Our Spotlight Artist...Leanne Wargowsky

“There are painters 
who transform the sun
 to a yellow spot, 
but there are others who,
 with the help of their art 
and their intelligence, 
transform a yellow spot 
into sun.” ~Pablo Picasso

Girls, this is my friend, Leanne. 
I found Leanne's blog years ago
and fell in love with her writing. She is SO GOOD!
As the have gone by I have watched my friend 
grow TREMENDOUSLY in her Art.
Love this friend of mine and I just KNOW 
after getting to know her 

1) When did you start journaling? And how? Did something or someone inspire you?  

I am probably what could be called a "late bloomer" in the art journaling world - having only started this creative way of collecting thoughts and emotions a few years ago. Art journaling was a transition for me from creating mixed media art - which I started doing many years before. I found myself at a place in life where I was completely burnt out on the creative end and overwhelmed with all the products and things I accumulated through the years. So I sat down with one journal book, a pencil, and a package of Sharpie markers. It was my way to "get back to basics" and get rid of all the other materials that had clogged my head. I started doing little illustrations and journals with just these few simple things. Slowly I added water color paints to my pages . . . but that was it. I did that for a while. Then gradually moved to additional paints, papers, and ephemera. But it started . . . with the basics.  It continues to be my way of clearing out my foggy head when I can't create - I always return to what I call "the basics" when I need to refresh.

I am so inspired by Teesha Moore (at and Sandra Vandergeest (at . I love how both of these incredibly talented souls take modern magazine photos and modify them into these amazingly vivid creations. Their lettering is so fantastic and I just love the "doodling" approach to these images that completely turns them into something different. LOVE that! 

One of Leanne's DARLING pages.

I started doing these "Self Portrait" journaling pages of me a couple of years ago. They are always lots of fun to create. 

2) Where do you go for inspiration? Please share any blogs, people, magazines that are your go-to's! 

Pinterest has to be the number one place I go to for inspiration. I have an "Art Journaling" folder in my profile where I have saved some of my most favorite pages done by others. I also am completely inspired by words and quotes - so I will often google quotes by wise souls who came before me, and quickly be inspired to make something with those amazing words. Words are so powerful. One of my favorite Art Journaling books I have is one I did with all song lyrics from songs that move me . . . LOVE IT! 

I also love "Art Journaling" magazine by Stampington & Company. Can't get enough of it! 

3) What types of journals do you use? Do you make your own? What is your favorite paper weight? 

There are two journals I prefer to art journal in ... Canson XL Mixed Media spiral bound journal book, which is 98lb paper weight, and Ranger's Dylusion Creative Journal. I usually use the 9x12 size in both of these, although have used a variety of sizes through the years. I have a lot of other journals that I try out and use - but these two are my very favorite. 

4) What are your "can't live without" supplies? 

I guess I already mentioned them - my sharpies and my pencil. It all starts with that. I am totally addicted to Papermate mechanical pencils (0.7mm lead). Silly, I know . . . Basic, I know . . . but I need them to begin. I sketch out my ideas, then add sharpie to them and colors, then watercolor. Only recently have I begun adding more and more images and papers and paints to my pages. I like where it takes me . . . but it is always important for me to keep my art journaling process as simple as possible, without too many additives to it . . . so that I can freely create. I have my mixed media work art to try all my other fun products on. In my journaling pages, I like to keep them simple. 

The Maya Angelou quote was done when dear Ms. Angelou passed away. I found myself making a number of pages with her wise wise words. 

5) What's your advise to other journalers? 

Create from your heart. Know that the process is for you - and for no one else. It is so easy to get lost in the "compare" game with all of the other amazingly creative souls out there in this world. Don't. Use products that YOU love, because YOU love them. If it doesn't work for you, you don't have to do it. But also know that there are no right or wrongs in what you are doing. Try to use different materials to find what feels best for you. If you get stuck, try a themed journal (like a song lyric one, or a lists one) to help get you going. And have FUN! 

My favorite pieces has always been the "fill the world with love" page - pouring a pitcher of hearts into the world. One day I started thinking about what the world needed - and to me, it was clear . . . LOVE. So I sat down and imaged what it would be like if we could fill the world with love. This piece was that vision coming to life. 

This is my favorite, too, Leanne!!!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to share myself with all of you today, and thank Leslie for being able to talk a little bit about my art journaling. Leslie has always been, and continues to be, a great inspiration in my creative Life!!! (I ADORE her so!!) And one of these days, I will be able to tell her face to face!! :) 

Happy Art Journaling All!!! 

I hope you are as inspired as me 
seeing Leanne's BEAUTIFUL pages and 
learning more about her approach to Art Journaling.
Thank you sweet friend for being with us today!!!!!


  1. Love your art, Leanne! It really inspires!

  2. Beautiful post and I loved her art journal pages they are amazing !!!❤❤❤


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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