Friday, February 24, 2017

Fitness Fridays and Art

“If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. 
Gather courage to believe 
that you can succeed and 
leave no stone unturned
 to make it a reality.” 
― Roopleen

Checking in this week to hold myself accountable and record my year long journey to Health.
Since my last Fitness Fridays post I have gained weight. 
Seriously, at first I was frustrated and kept saying to myself...
"But I am working so hard at eating right!!"

Now I AM a healthy eater...lots of fruit and veggies, lean meats and water.
With that diet you would think I would be losing and not gaining, right??

If I am HONEST with myself...
while I AM eating all those healthy things I am also eating chips, a few sweet treats
and too big of portions.

The one GOOD thing I AM doing for my health is walking.
I wear by FitBit daily and participate in step challenges with my friends.
It's really fun and motivating!

Today I decided I needed an actual GOAL.
So I have decided I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of April.
It's when I go to Sister Camp.

Very do-able as long as I FOCUS on what I put in my body.

Baby steps lead to BIG results!!

Now on to the ART part...

I hope you can join me in my FB group for my next inspiring Challenge...

"Mixed-Media Affirmations" starts Wednesday, March 1st.
We will be creating 31 cards with 31 Affirmations on each one to inspire, encourage and uplift us.

All you need are...

31 index cards or tags
your favorite colors of acrylic paint
a pen

**of course you can add as many embellishments as you want!!
whatever you fancy!

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  1. Les, try the 21 Day Fix type containers (you can get knock offs at Wal-Mart). They really help you control portion size and eat the right amount of things. Looking forward to the March class. I'm going to be traveling but plan to take some stuff with me.


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