Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Twenty Art Journaling Ideas to Get You in Your Pages Again!

“There is no greater agony than bearing
 an untold story inside you.” 

― Maya Angelou

It's Week Four of "Art Journaling Love"!! 
I hope you enjoyed my interview with Artist Rae Missigman.
If you missed it be sure 
 So much inspiration in one post!!!

So the past three weeks we have talked a lot about
 the art of art journaling. 
I have showed you many ways to add 
creativity to your pages. 

Today's post is all about the actual journaling.
Writing down exactly what's in your Heart.
It's the most important but for many 
it's the hardest part of all.

Let's go over some of my go-to journaling tips.
I hope by the end of this post YOU are inspired to WRITE!

**Remember...your journals are for YOU. They should be a SAFE place for you to write your frustrations, your struggles, your hardships as well as your JOYS and Happy times.
 And sometimes all you may need is 

The day I created this particular page I was feeling GREAT!
I had just finished my video on Angel Girls, 70's music was on and I was in my Happy place! 
The Word Magical just kind of popped out at me!

Other times I am in a more contemplative mood
and NEED to WRITE! I am a Writer after's my PASSION!

These two journal pages are from my Soul Restoration class. While they aren't very artsy...they tell MY Story and helped me 
heal during a very difficult time in my life.

My number one go-to for journaling in my planner Bullet or List Journaling. It's quick, easy and you can add a lot of information without a whole lot of thought.

This page was all about what brings me PEACE. 
My studio
Easy listening music
Candles burning
Cozy shirts
Art Journaling
Mug of coffee.

To further convey my Peace layout I chose an image of a bird with her nest with the saying "protect your peace" underneath.

To this same page I stamped Choose Joy in gesso and added gold paint. I added a few stickers #Me to remind myself that when I am Me I have peace.

This is one of my FAVORITE pages!!

Another fave of mine is this simple, yet powerful page...

My little "Truth Teller" (the bird by Dina Wakley) is the corner 
reminding me that 

The shapes we use over and over again
 also help tell our story.
For me it's the Heart. 

If you are not sure of what your shape or mark is...go through your 
journals and you will probably notice a pattern you repeat over and over. If you are new to journaling go back to something you have doodled on.

Last year I had a challenge on in my FB group where I asked the girls to create a page Fifty Things about Me.

This is an AWESOME way to tell your story in your journals.

I have been a love of Words all my life. 
Words, quotes, inspirational affirmations can ALL be the perfect
option on your pages!

This page was created as a way to remind me that no matter what...


Another great stamp by Dina Wakley
I hope I have got you to thinking about YOUR Words.
YOUR Story.

One of the books I turn to time and time again is Dina Wakley's 

She has lots of ideas for you to start writing in your journals!!

Here is a list of 20 Prompts to get you EXCITED about Art Journaling. Enjoy! xoxo

1. Write down five things you did GREAT today
2. What is your Dream trip?
3. List five of the hardest trials you have gone through
4. What movie character would you like to be?
5. List five of your favorite ways to spend an afternoon
6. Create a page based on your Faith/Beliefs
7. Write down your favorite Word and go from there
8. Describe your perfect Summer day
9. I miss...
10. Journal about your hometown
11. Once upon a Time...
12. One year from today I will be...
13. List five ways you can help others.
14. Describe yourself in one sentence.
15. Write a short story about an encounter you have with your famous crush.
16. Write down your daily routine
17. I really AM Brave enough to...
18. List your top five phrases you use all the time
19. Repeat one word or phrase over and over again on your page.
20. Using one word...describe your mood at that moment.

Happy Journaling Girls!! 

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