Monday, October 22, 2012

Week Four...Already!!

Happy Monday, Girls!!! How was your weekend?? We had a fabulous one!! Saturday my Mom and Em and I went to a local craft is HUGE!! Hundreds of vendors and thousands of people. I am getting my art in that show FOR SURE next year!!!

Then on Sunday my sweet family and I spent the day at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. It was a MUCH needed break.

Here is MY favorite ride at the park...The Patriot!!

The park wasn't very busy yesterday so we got to ride this monster coaster over and over!!!

Jacks, Em and I ALWAYS ride front ROCKS!!

I will have photos from our adventure later in the week:) on to THIS week and our Word. Before I share our Word this week...I feel I MuST share a story regarding our Word from last week...STAND.

As I sat down to create an art journal page for the word...I thought of many things I STAND for. And at first I  was going to fill a page with those...but honestly, when I look at my WHOLE life...the one thing that sticks out to me and what I have stood up for throughout my life and what I will ALWAYS STAND UP for is....

my faith in Jesus Christ and my church... The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...or as many people refer to as the Mormon Church.

Now let me just tell you...that's not always the popular thing to STAND up for. My family and I became members of the LDS church in March of 2006...little did we realize how much of a stir it would cause in our town or our family. We still have family members that give us a hard time and if we even mention a church activity or a lesson we learned we are told to STOP and then the condemning begins. It gets very tiring and saddens us deeply. The hardest thing is when people tell me I don't believe in Jesus Christ.

I am here to tell you...I DO believe in Jesus Christ. I DO believe that He bled and died for my sins and yours. My faith is the most important part of my life and I will live the rest of my life here on Earth STANDing up for Christ and my church.

It is hard to STAND up for what we believe in...but let me tell you,'s life-changing when we do. Whatever YOU STAND up for matters!! Don't ever let others bring you down or make you stop believing in something with your whole heart.

Onto our Word for this week!! Can you believe it's already Week four???

This week it's all about PRIORITIES...or something we give special attention to.

I think what we spend our time on is who we become.

And if we spend all our time working, cleaning, doing for others and never, ever taking time for ourselves and what feeds our souls...then we will just live this really, really unhappy life filled with anger and bitter hearts. 

So this week let's start thinking about our PRIORITIES. Are YOU a Priority in your own life?

Create art journal pages, a canvas...anything that inspires you!!  Be sure and share in our FB group page....go here!!


  1. Religion can be difficult to stand up for, especially when people that are close to you don't understand it. I love that you freely share your beliefs here on your blog, and I'm happy you can Stand up and dispute some incorrect assumptions about your faith. You truly have Courage!

  2. I love your post today. Love your thoughts about your faith and church as well. I think the hardest part is getting critized by people that you love, I understand that, I was married to someone that wasn't a member of my faith and that was SO hard.

    The word for this week is one that I really need to think alot about. I seem to put myself last on the list, I don't like that. Or..I put unimportant things on the top of my list and leave the really important things to be done later...which means it might not ever get done. UGH. It is a never-ending cycle for me and I need to stop the ride and get off.

    Thanks for the words and for the opportunity to really stop and think about things.

  3. It's timely that you wrote about this, Leslie. I had heard various people talk about Mormons not believing in Jesus Christ, and I thought immediately of you. Your faith in Christ has always been so evident to me through your posts, and I thought surely all the sources I have read to the contrary must be wrong about the Mormon belief system. I still don't know much about it's different from mainstream Christian denominations, but I am certainly curious. Thank you for STANDing up for what is important to you! :-)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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