Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keep On Keeping On-{WIN}

"Keep on going, and the chances
are that you will stumble on 
something, perhaps when you
are least expecting it. I never heard
of anyone ever stumbling on
something sitting down."

Charles F. Kettering

So I stumbled a bit yesterday.
I'll be fine.
And I learned a lot.
And actually I am quite excited to see 
what more I can accomplish
before another show 
happens along.

I spent the afternoon in my space,
listening to the Brave Girls 
"Restore" CD. 
It's just what I needed.

Brave Art by Les

It's wonderful what happens when 
you put inspiring music on
and mix with paints and canvas
and words.  
The best kind of therapy I know!

This is my favorite look...rich, warm brown
with a creamy white.
I have just the perfect
little bird and verse that's going on here.

As I sat in my space,
lost in the music,
my thoughts turned to you.
How much each one of you, my readers,
my friends mean to me.
I appreciate your words of encouragement and support.

Soooooo, to say THANK YOU
I painted you a Brave Girl!!

Now I only painted one...
so really, she can only go home with 
one of you...

And she really, really wants to!!

All you have to do take this sweet girl home
is answer this question...

"What do you do when 
life knocks you down and you
just don't think you can go anymore...
not even one more step...
how do you lift yourself back up
and "Do it Anyway?"

Please leave your answer in the comment section. 
You have until Monday, October 17th at Midnight.
I will pick a random winner and post
on my blog by Tuesday, October 18th.

Be sure and stop by tomorrow...

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  1. Hmm, to pick myself up. I have several things I do. I snuggle with my two dogs and talk to them. They listen very patiently and know exactly when to give me a dog kiss. The next thing I do is call a friend - a friend that I know cares and will listen and give solid advice.

    I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus last December and I literally couldn't get out of bed. I'm much better now and am thankful for every day - the littlest things mean a lot.

  2. Picking myself up... hmmmmmm. I pray. I turn it all over to my higher power and let him handle it. And I find myself all picked up and ready to roll.... ;-) Works every time.

  3. The BIG thing I do is retreat to my art corner, into the garden or work on organizing something and pray. These things always lead me back to my place of peace and help me to relize there are things I CAN control. God can take care of the rest because I just don't want to waist my time on the ugly stuff.

  4. welll...what do I do?...ten years ago when my twins nearly died i found inner strength, with my hubby, we got through it...2 of my children dying before my very eyes...I was so brave back then, and now, when I feel so low i cuddle my kids, my twins are cuddlers, they remind me of what adversity i can battle through, they are also an inspiration to me as every day they tackle hardships in their lives from this illness they had all those years ago, and i am in awe, their lives have changed, so much trickier than others, they give me strength, they are my miracle babies, they are amazing..i gain strength from them...xxx

  5. When life seems almost unbearable I turn to my immediate family. I tend to become very anti-social with everyone outside my home. I don't mean to, but I avoid friends and anyone outside the walls of my home. I hold my children, I love them, I cry, I ask my husband to hold me (which for ME is INCREDIBLY RARE!!!) and I just try to make it one day at a time. I usually watch a lot of BBC or Masterpiece Theatre movies and I sometimes read total girl books and I usually cook comfort foods like soups and casseroles. I usually pray a little harder and pay attention A LOT more at church and try to make a plan to get out of the funk. I hate it when I get down and feel hopeless... but it does happen and thankfullly I bounce back after a few weeks or months.

  6. When life seems overwhelming, I do many of the things mentioned already - first I pray - for courage, for strength, for angels to surround me and lift me up. Then I turn to my husband, my family and friends. I do some volunteer work - your problems seem smaller when you are engaged in helping others.
    Love those glimpses of your work!

  7. Dear Leslie-I am so sorry that you show didn't work out. I think that things work out for the best...even though they may not seem like it at the time!!! And perhaps there are bigger brighter things around the corner waiting just for you:)
    What do I do when i am down??? Go for a walk, read (The Prophet or Women Who Run with the Wolves are faves), talk it out with a trusted friend, journal, paint...oh! and a piece of chocolate doesn't hurt either:) xxx

  8. Hi Leslie - so sorry to hear about your recent experience with the show...darn!! But you are right - take each experience for what it's worth and learn something from it - that's a positive attitude to have!

    I would love to win one of your cute art works! AS for what I do to uplift myself when I'm feeling down - ART does it every time for me...I don't know what I'd do without my ability to create and work in my studio (table in the corner of the kids playroom, laugh!). I can forget time and everything else when I have my paint, canvas, and paper in hand...

    Have a wonderful day!! XO - Loriann

  9. First time I've been to your blog. Came over from reading your comment on Brave Girls Club. So exciting to see you are having a giveaway with your beautiful art.

    It's funny that this would be the question I would need to answer today, since I have had one of those knock me down weeks. One of the first things I do to pull myself back up is to "say thank you to my creator for another new day and a fresh new start". I'm finding that looking for the blessings and gifts in my everyday is something that helps me to focus on the good and true and just keep doing it anyway. The other thing that really helps me is to go outside and take a long walk. Nature and it's beauty plus the exercise helps me mentally and physically and encourages my imagination so I'm ready to go back in and "do it anyway" but with new excitement. Then I also draw encouragement from others like yourself that I find who inspire me to be ME.

    Fingers crossed! It's nice to meet you Leslie!
    ♥Lee Ann G.

  10. Shawn Mory McMillionOctober 12, 2011 at 12:23 PM

    I recently lost my beloved mother, for whom I had soley cared for during the past 21 years, even though I have four siblings. She was not a sweet and loving person until the last four months of her life, when she finally came to true salvation in Christ. I miss her every day, even our bickering! The loss of her has broken me yet I know now that God has opened a door towards my creative future in art along with looking forward to the birth of my daughters first child, a girl, this spring. I try to remember that God has carried me through deep losses in the past, that while my sorrow often seems great, that my God is greater than every burden I may face. To quote Jewel,"My hands are small,I know and they're not yours, they are my own, and they are never broken. I get down on my knees and I begin to pray."

  11. To pick myself up, I pray, journal, talk to my mom...and recognize that the only way to go is forward!

  12. I pray and thank God for all I have to be thankful for. I cuddle in my husbands arms and then I listen to uplifting and fun music. I wish I could say I start creating, but most of the time I don't. I usually look for creative things on the web.
    Love the artwork! It is so YOU! It made me think of this quote.
    "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." Dr Seuss
    Loves to you and the family! Missy Kern (jaspertoes)

  13. Dearest sweet Leslie, your work is soo beautiful and i am so sorry hear about your little stumbled but i am loving your positivity!
    When i am stumbled, i always pick myself up by surrounding myself with positive thoughts and hang around this wonderful supportive creative community. Reminding myself of all the beautiful sentiment to keep moving forward. Have a lovely merry happy and love to you!

  14. Hello sweet Lesley! I'm so sorry you were hurting . . . To answer your question - I clean tile grout! Not kidding - when I was told I could not have kids (cause it's me) I cleaned the grout on our tile floor for 3 days! I guess the single focus on something external was what I needed. But it's never easy - I really work at being positive - sometimes I have to "fake it to make it" . . . and I always come around . . . yesterday I was feeling sorry for myself and really wanting a baby - so I arted all day ;) xoxo

  15. Leslie, love your art, your wisdom and inspiring words.

    Indeed, I've had a fair amount of experience with life setting a tripwire every few miles down my path. It's been a rough decade. I remain positive and optimistic by keeping my focus trained on the good things in my life. I've had to practice not being hard on myself, and at giving myself permission to make mistakes and be imperfect. While sifting through the daily chaff and holding tight to the grains of beauty that remain is my saving grace on most days, I've found it just as critical to allow myself days to feel down too. Being able to own those dark feelings, really feel them...give them thought and not discount them, gives me the strength to later let them go.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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