Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life will pass you by....

Woke up feeling really, really good. Like I am right where I'm supposed to be in my life.
I am spending my days cleaning and organizing...if you read yesterday's post then you KNOW I've got lots of that to do;)

I am also thinking about the holidays, listening to Christmas tunes already. Love them so much...I can't help it! Dreaming of cooler weather, a little snow and Thanksgiving break.

You see my kids are getting older.

Yes, these kids right here...they are barely kids anymore. Before I know it Jackson will be on his Mission and Em will be in college.

Time seems to be passing me by and I am more aware of it than I've ever been in my entire life. Every trip, holiday, event that takes place I keep finding myself going..."Only 2 more before Jackson leaves on his mission." I just want to enjoy every single second of my family...all together. I know that so very soon this time will pass and it will just be Dave and Em and I.

Then just Dave and I.

We finally realize how precious our time is with our children just as they are getting ready to leave our nest. Why is that? Why is it that when their little we can't wait for them to get bigger so they aren't as much work? Then when they do get bigger all we do is wish for them to sit on our laps again or give us a big hug.


I know I'm not the first Mom to go through this and I won't be the last. And while my heart aches at times for memories past when my sweet little Jackson Boy and Emma Girl thought I was the center of their universe and we spent most days playing "Big Rah-Rahs" {dinosaurs} or "Tea Party"...I want to enjoy the here and now.

"Life is all memory except for the one
present moment that goes by so
quick you can hardly catch it going."
      -Tennesse Williams

These precious moments are almost gone. When all my kids will be home with me. When our home is noisy and crazy and messy. All these crazy days that make up my life is what makes my house a home.

"He is blessed over all mortals who 
loses no moment of the passing life."
          -Henry David Thoreau

Life is good right now.
I am enjoying my kids.
I am spending time with my Mom.
I am going on dates with Dave.

I am making an effort to "lose no moment of my passing life".


  1. Great post Leslie and I agree with all of that. My kids are 20 and 15 and can't believe that before I know it Ash will be graduating, I'm trying to savor every minute and not let things get rushed (that's a little hard for me sometimes). Anyway, love the pictures, and you look fantastic!

  2. Thanks, Les! I need to remember this more often than I do. I really spend too much time saying things like "looking forward to looking back!" Shame on me.

  3. wonderful post, appreciate your insights. time with family is precious indeed

  4. Hi Leslie!
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog so we could connect. I've enjoyed reading through your blog. Love that you are organizing. I am too...trying to do it right like you so that it stays that way. Do you think that is possible? That means leaving room for the new stuff that comes home. That's my biggest problem! :)

    I have the same feeling about my kids. I feel like I stress about it even more because I have only two. 2. When one leaves that only leaves 1 at home....not 4 more to grow and raise! My friends agree that they would be more panicked about sending their first off to college/mission if there still wasn't a house full.

    It seems we have a lot in common and I love the internet/blogging world for finding these connections. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a sweet thought!
    ♥ april

  5. This post really touched me. It seriously made me choke up. I am one of those people who wish away the present. I don't know if I will ever be able to fix that. I know it's not right. Something to work on for sure.

  6. I was thinking last Sunday how time would go by so quickly. We had a new missionary in the ward and that reminded me that my son only has about 6 more years, which in reality will go very quickly.

  7. Such a sweet post about your sweet family, I will have to remember your revelations so that I can more fully enjoy my tiny family each day as well! Can I just say that from what you share about your kids and your pictures, they honestly seem like such good teenagers! How did you do that? I might be calling you in a few years when my kids are older and I am pulling my hair out! :)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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