Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello Family

Sometimes you just gotta get away...

Wandering re-establishes the 
original harmony which
once existed between man 
and the universe.
  ~Anatole France

We have been going and going for months. Like so many of you...we are one busy family!! And while we see each other everyday I felt like we had lost connection with one another. There are so many distractions!! So last Friday we packed up the car and went...


Viroqua Wisconsin.
The place where Dave lived for four years.
The place where his Aunt Sue and Uncle Ray still live on the family farm.

The farm where Dave lived from 2nd to 6th grade

The views are so serene. It was just what we needed.

In front of the milk barn

Dave enjoyed reminiscing and sharing stories of his childhood with Jacks and Em.

We had to stop at "Dave's Tree" on the way out to the farm. This is one of Dave's favorite stories and I'm pretty sure we have heard it at least 100 times!

So the story goes like this...when Dave was little he wanted to play Little League Baseball. His parents were busy and told him the only way he could get to practices in town was to ride his bike. That was 6 miles!! That didn't stop him! Everyday in the summer he would hop on his bike and ride the 6 miles into town. This tree was where he'd stop, rest a bit and eat his peanut butter sandwhich:)

One of my kids' favorite things on the farm is the makes me a bit nervous to tell you the truth...but they love it! I gave them a camera and here are the pics they snapped. That rope is like the one my husband and his brothers used.

Everytime we come up here the kids head straight to the haymow!

See all the hay in the air??

I personally think it's a bit too creepy...and besides it's hard for me to even get up there.

I am terribly afraid of heights!

Viroqua is such a charming small town...full of quaint shops, antiques and so much ART! Em and I spent Saturday afternoon browsing and eating home made goods from the local Amish.

Saturday night was the BIG Bash!!

Uncle Ray and Aunt Sue celebrated 40 years together!! They are such a great couple and the perfect example of what marriage should be.

We spent time catching up with family and DANCING!

Emma Girl with her Boogie Shoes on:)

Jacks getting to know his little cousins

Let's get down!

Em & her Daddy. Love this photo!

Dave with his sweet Grams!!

We danced to nearly every song!!

We danced from 8 to midnight, rarely taking a was just soooo FUN!!! {and a really good workout, too}

The next morning we headed back to the farm to spend a few more precious hours with Grams and the rest of the family.

Sweet Grandma Ackman is 87 years old!!! She is a gem.

Saying goodbye was hard...but we promised to be back again real soon.

Families are the compass
that guide us.
They are the inspiration 
to reach great heights,
and our comfort 
when we occasionally falter.
-- Brad Henry 

I needed this weekend. I needed to reconnect with my son and daughter and husband. I needed to be reminded how precious our time together is.

The happiest moments
of my life have been
the few which I have passed
at home in the bosom of my family.
-- Thomas Jefferson

What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with your family??


  1. Such a sweet post, Leslie. Thank you for sharing this little view of your family with us. How special that your husband's grandma is still alive!! It's funny in terms of husband's mother is only five years younger than Dave's Grams! I love all those boogy photos of you guys!

  2. This is wonderful...I love daves peanut butter sanga story...made me are so lucky to have a place to go and stay and enjoy company with extended family....looks like you guys had a hoot of a

  3. I love this post! What a wonderful way to reconnect with your family. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. Looks like a fabulous trip! And you chose the perfect time to go. Those Fall leaves are gorgeous!

  5. Oh, these photos are just precious. How cool . . .a family farm! I love all of the pics! The trees, the farm, the hay (although, I think just LOOKING at the hay in the air made me sneeze!) So glad you had a weekend away and time to connect with the family. I think I need something like this right now. Hugs!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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