Monday, October 17, 2011

Reinvent Myself-Slug Bug

I am feeling restless.
I tend to that when I do one thing for too long.
I think I have ADD.

So the art show didn't happen last weekend.
It gave me lots of time to think.
It gave me time to listen to my heart.

I have been doing lots of reading and watching Oprah's Life Class. Goooood Stuff!

So, last Wednesday was my 45th Birthday.
Every year on my Birthday I set 10 goals for myself.
This year I did something a bit different and way more fun.:)

I created a two page collage of what it is I want in my life this year.

I do want to choose the good news...
focus on the positives
not the negatives.

I want to remember I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father and he loves me so very much
and He knows what's best for me.

I want to be my VERY BEST SELF.

That's me and that sweet, little bird is my truth.
She's there...and I am ready to embrace it.

I am ready for a change.

That's what I've been realizing these past few weeks...
maybe even months.

I need something different.

Day in and day out it's been the same thing. I have the same routine every single day.
I thrive on routine...but lately I'm becoming stagnant.

My WORD for 2011 is REINVENT...
so I think it's time I do just that.


I am a Brave Girl.
And like I've said dozens of time before...Brave Girls can do anything.
We're like Wonder Woman...

We are.
I am.

So here I am...thinking of ways I can REINVENT myself and add some ZING to my life.

After a heart to heart talk with the love of my life we have decided to recommit ourselves to our health.
We had both lost weight last year but are back at feeling and looking pretty squishy.
my number one goal for my 45th year of life is to focus on my eating and exercising. It really is pathetic how bad of shape I'm in at the moment.
We have also recommitted to giving up soda. We are now 3 days without one drop. We CAN do this!

Throughout this goal making process
I am really listening to myself. 
Normally I would just jot a few goals down and call it good.
This year I'm taking my time.

As much as I enjoy creating
and painting and collaging...
I don't think my true purpose in life
is to focus every ounce of energy on
selling it.

My true passion is writing and connecting
and teaching. 


All words I have written here stating what my passions in life are.

So, for now...
I won't be putting my energies into an art show but instead writing more, sharing more, taking photos, scrapbooking {i miss it!}, sharing stories here with you and working on my Brave Girl orders {i really LOVE creating girls for specific people!!}

I am doing Zumba, eating smaller portions, drinking nothing but water and trying lower calorie versions of our favorite foods.

Oh AND I am driving a new car!! My Birthday present...something I've wanted ever since I watched Goldie Hawn in Foul Play....

My new Bug!

I think this year may just be the best year yet;)

Do you have a WORD for this year? How are you doing? Any ideas on lo-cal foods or Zumba moves would be great, too!

By the way....We have a WINNER of the Brave Art Girl!! Random Generator spit out #7 late last night...that's....

Soraya!!! I have been reading her blog for over 1 year now!! Congrats, Soraya and thanks to everyone that entered!!


  1. What great health goals! I have committed to drinking LOTS more water (soda has never been an issue for me, but I cut out any nightly beer/wine and lost 4 to 5 pounds immediately). I am also doing the Couch to 5K running program (you can find it online), and am now running five minutes at a time (which is pretty amazing for ME!). By the end of it, I should be able to run for 30 minutes! I am going to explore more organic foods in the coming months; I'm really appalled by the crazy/dangerous ingredients we put into our bodies when we eat processed foods.

    Congratulations on your fun new car!!

  2. What awesome, awesome movement on your journey, Leslie... awesome! I'm inspired by you and thrilled for you. I am still seeking...


  3. Amazing Leslie! It looks like this is going to be a great 45th year for you. :)

  4. Dear Leslie-I WON????OMG!! Thanks so much! That gorgous painting??? It's going straight to Tara's nursery!!
    I think it's very wise of you to reassess your goals. Sometimes it takes time to figure out our true passions. can always combine writing + painting + need to limit yourSELF.
    Oh! i so need to lose some weight too. It gets harder each year. I try to walk as much as possible. I eat off a small plate and also..i eat very slowly and stop when I feel full. No sweets (UGH!!) ...maybe on very special occasions and I read cookbooks to get my food fix!!
    Thanks again Leslie-I can't believe I won!! xx

  5. Oh!! And a very very happy 45th birthday. I think we get better as we get older...more focused, braver xxx

  6. Oh Lesli e- I drive a bug too! Not to mention, I LOVE Wonder Woman. SO - Oprah's life class is good?

  7. Congratulations to Soraya!

    I love your word for 2011 "Reinvent". I think that exactly what I need to do also right now in my life. It's encouraging to hear someone say they are being brave and changing things up. That takes a Brave Girl. Your post was an inspiration to me. Thank you!

    ♥Lee Ann

  8. I am SO proud of all the BRAVE things you are doing and feeling and sharing. I hope your birthday was fabulous and that this year brings all the tremendous things you are intending!!

  9. I get the miss scrapbooking!..I do too...I will do more but I want to journal book fits into ahst I love rhese days...great health goals...I am much squishier than you...I started lite n easy last week and lost 3.5 kilos...its a good start...I want to be 10 to 15 kilos less squishier by christmas! have the will so i am sure you will be a fitter girl this coming is always good to reassess your life.your needs.yoir wants!...lucky girl with thay car!..seriously spoilt!..hee hee

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! Best wishes as you reinvent. I'm doing some reinventing myself so I can't wait to share. I know I've been away a bit, but I have plans for my return :-)

  11. Happy Birthday a few days late. This is a great idea; I think I will do this for my birthday next year. I turn the big "50"

  12. Oooh, Happy Belated Birthday my friend!!!
    LOVE your new car (HOW Cool!!) and your resolutions - love that you are wanting to focus on writing and teaching and connection too - and still being creative with your Brave Girl work and Scrapbooking! I miss it too . . . Happy New Year, xoxoxo


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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