Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work Desk Wednesday-Space

Happy Wednesday!! The past 7 days I have spent re-doing my Artsy Space, creating just the perfect place for inspiration and magic to happen. I think I am finally satisfied with it!!

This is looking into the room to the left. My idea books are here along with a carousel full of stickers and rub-ons. {yes, that's a son's first turkey he shot when he was about 9 years old}

Here's my auction this cute basket shelving unit!! It's filled with extra paint, cleaning supplies, fabric trims, tissue paper, stamps and more.  The blue inspiration board I found at a yard sale for a dollar and see that darling canvas on the right? My sweet friend at "Twinkle Twinkle" painted that!! She inspires me daily:)

On the left are my paper punches and on the right is a cabinet filled with hundreds of sheets of pattern paper.

Another auction find. I decided to put my acrylic paints's perfect!!

This is what you see when you look on the right side of the room. My desk is tucked can just see it peeking out. Love how cozy it feels...

Looking at this just makes me so happy now. This room used to be our son's then it was a guest/catch-all room. I think I have made such good use of my space!!

This is the ledge by my desk. All my paintbrushes are here along with my prize yard sale find...a magnetic marker board with cute magnets for 50 cents!! It lists all my projects I'm currently working on.

Here's a close-up of my fave part of the desk...a built in cork board!!

I had so much fun pinning up bits and pieces of words, poems and products that inspire me!

I hope you have enjoyed my new found space. Be sure and stop by Julia's Blog for hundreds of spaces and work desks today. Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

Have you taken over a space to make it your very own?


  1. The turkey staring at me would freak me out, I'd have to move it! Thanks for sharing your newly organized space. Having things that inspire you within view makes a workdesk comforting.

  2. Love the variety and the colors! Does the turkey ever talk to you?

  3. Lovely workspace !
    but would have to put the turkey in the oven LOL

  4. Your new space looks great! So organized and ready to be created in!!! I love all the "inspiration" boards. BTW - My dad (and brothers) hunt, so I'm used "stuffed" animals - you'll have to give Mr. Turkey a name. ;-)

  5. Well you're right to be really happy about it - the space is marvellous and your desk is just lovely - I like that the shelving above the desk is as decorative as it is functional. I'm not freaked out by the turkey, but hmmm, might not want him watching me..did your son not want him?!!

  6. What a great, I mean workroom! :) I really like that carousel for your stickers and rub ons...very well as the cork board over your desk. Very nice!

  7. how wonderful to have all that space and to find bargain storage for all your goodies!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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