Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So much going on!

Howdy, Girls. Lots on my Creative Desk today!! I have been a busy, busy Bee:)

LOL...I know a bed is a weird Work Desk...but this one in my Art Space/Spare Room is a lifesaver...

The floor works out pretty great, too;)

Yes, I really DO have a desk.

And I have been using it a BUNCH this week. Love all this creative time I've been having!!

There are so many projects I've been working on lately including work from the class Soul Restoration 2. Our main project is called our Life Journal. This is the cover of mine.

Don't you just love how the colors green and blue and red all look together? Definitely one of my fave color combos. Inside my journals is all the things I wish for in my Big, Bold, Beautiful Life...

Melody Ross {the teacher of the course} provides us with dozens of writing prompts and quotes to incorporate into our journals and our life.

This is the first time I have added photos to my Art Journals. I love the results.

What I just adore about my journal is how messy it is. LOVE that shabby, vintage look.

We are learning what the best ways to spend our time is. I promised myself that from now on I will Choose My Time Wisely so I can spend more time with Jackson and Emma and Dave.

This book is helping me design a Life I very much want to live.

Love this shade of blue and red...and that stamp is my FAVE of the moment!! {it's an old Memory Makers foam stamp}

Here's the heart of the journal...My Mission Statement.

In it is a detailed list of how I want to live my Life.

This will be my Guide to help me grow and stay on track.

These cute cards are from the Soul Restoration 2 class as well. I made these yesterday.

This color combo rocks, too!

That stamp is in there again-LOL:)

Since the kids were gone for 3 days on the Trek I had lots of extra time so I worked on 3 more canvas's for my Brave Girls...

Isn't she sweet with her little ponytails?

I am loving her sweet little, lace collar, too. I haven't decided on a name yet.

Another girl...

Keep in mind none of my girls are finished yet. They still need details added to their dresses and shoes and more words.

I love that she has a grateful heart.

One more background...

This little darling still needs a will have to see her later;)

So there ya' go. Lots of creativity!! Thank you so much for stopping by!! Be sure and stop by The Answer is Chocolate Blog Party!

What's on YOUR creative mind today?


  1. You are very creative. And I know you're not the first person to use a bed as a workspace :)

  2. I love it all! You are such an inspiration! I need to work on an art/life journal, too. When the time is right I will :-)

    Congrats on the Over 40 Top 5 Blog, too!

  3. I'm back and I missed you. I am going to have to stay more connected. miss so much when I am gone.
    Love the journal pages. !

  4. Wow! So much to comment on....First, you are definitely putting your spare room to good use! I really like the cover of your journal, and it is so neat to see how you are using it to set goals for yourself to live the life that you truly want to be living. Those cards you made for the Restoration class are really pretty, too. I love, love, love the second girl you have in progress...beautiful colors, adorable little dress with lace trim, fabulous caption...just love it! Happy WOYWW!

  5. Wonderful all these journal pages. Mine are so orderly (do I say it right?). I wish I could make such pages as you do. Thanks for sharing.
    Bye, Franka

  6. Wow, so many things to love about this post, i love the flowers in the girls hair, the look of your journals and how your desk is your bed, although you have a desk! amazing! looks like your having fun!! Lea x

  7. My goodness, you have been busy. TFS

  8. You got to do with what you have and that bad looks good to me. :) Love your journal book and good luck with all your projects. :)

  9. Loved reading your post this week because there is so much going on. Your journal is very colourful and such a lot going on in it. I'm a life long list maker too and yours remind me of notebooks I have tucked away with similar pages dating back years. Wishing you a happy and productive week. Elizabeth x #99

  10. Your art journals are gorgeous and I like the added photos as well. Very nicely done and very inspiring.

  11. Wow that a lot of creative stuff going on there. No wonder you need the bed, the floor and the desk! have a great weekend.


  12. What an awesome lot of journal pages and the girls are darling. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  13. Wow this is amazing! I love it. And I can relate to using the floor. I spend more time there than my desk and my family laughs at me. Thanks for linking up to this week's BFF Open House.

  14. I can't tell you how much I love your colour sense and the beautiful style you've worked into- am thrilled to read that you're finding it all such an ecouraging journey.

  15. Simply beautiful! I love catching up and that color combination does rock! Beautiful work my friend, xo


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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