Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Masking Tape and Purple

I woke up today ready to head out the door and WALK. It just feels so good to move my body and feel the sunshine. Clears my head and allows me to just think about random stuff. I spent most of my walk dreaming up new Art...which by the way...I get to work on today. Very grateful for that time:)

It's Technique Tuesday and we're talking about TAPE.

Masking tape is my favorite but there are lots of tapes to choose from.
Here are a few ways I have used masking tape in my Art Journals...

This is a page I created several months ago and have never filled. I plan on using the tape to write words on.

This is a cool way to use tape....

Don't see the tape? That's because it's not there...

See where the white part of the page is? Where it says "style Me"? I put random strips of masking tape on the page after I had painted the page then ripped off.

You can stamp on it, write on it, use rub-ons, paints...whatever your heart desires. 

I really love the look!

For truly cool tape ideas visit Natalie's blog here. I told you about Natalie last week...she is so talented and shares so much all for FREE!

Since June I have been participating in my friend Kristin's Color Challenge. She has grown quite a following with her idea!! So happy for her:) 
This week's color is Purple. I have one project to show you now and one for Thursday. I am still putting the finishing touches on that one! Here is my first Purple one...

There are a few other colors in there...but the background is mostly light and dark purples with a bit of black and pink thrown in.

She does have shoes now and bit more words. I will show you the finished product on Thursday:)

I hope you've been inspired today, girls.

One more thing...my PASSWORD has been compromised and I am trying to set a new one...Yahoo contacted me to let me know but now they won't accept my old one so I can get a new one. So waiting on a response I emailed them. If for 
some reason I am unable to use this blog or contact you...you know why. 
I hope nothing happens to my blog...I am a bit nervous and am hoping to resolve this issue today.

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Great post....and I too, love me some masking tape!

  2. I love your journal page & thank you for sharing about tape(and Natalie's blog too). I have never used tape, but I think it looks great!! I am now "tape inspired." Thank you!! :)

  3. what a cool technique! thanks for posting!

  4. I love how you use masking tape...I must aDmit I find it hard to use ...lol...loving your purple beauty too...what is that on l? It looks great...and sorry no...no probs with Google passwords....hope it goes ok...xxx

  5. Great use of masking tape. THanks for sharing it with us. The girlie looks so cute on the canvas. :)

  6. I love her!!! What a beautifully detail background - and your colors are so pretty. I love your journal and your painting. Thank you for sharing and for always being such a light for me and us, xo

  7. I love your purple page and cute girl. The background is amazing. The tape technique is really neat. I will have to try it someday. Thanks for your comment on my purple art.

  8. Isn't masking tape the best?! I love your piece, from the words to the little girl's purple plaid dress :) Perfectly purple!
    xo Joanna

  9. I also love using masking tape. I love your girl and collage as well!

  10. So cool - using the masking tape. I never thought of that, and think I better run out and get myself a role (or two!!!) Thanks for the tip, dearie!

  11. That's a great idea - the tape! Thanks! :-) And I absolutely love your "She"! She is beautiful, and so is the detailed background too! :-))

  12. Love your use of tape...TFS! Your purple piece came out great! :) nan

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I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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