Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's on My Work Desk Wednesday

Several months ago I found this really cool Blog Hop called "What' on Your Work Desk Wednesday".  I have been so inspired by all the blogs I've seen I just knew I had to here ya' go:)

I have been a busy little bee...

Working on my Art Journal daily...

and Mod Podging:)

This kind of journaling has given me so much peace at a time I really need it. If you haven't tried it yet...what are you waiting for? So fun, so easy and so thereputic!

I love the place I create. I am surrounded by all my favorite things. It is my refuge from the world. I feel safe and cozy here.

Remember this?

A little treasure I found at our local antique store during our 31 Days Challenge. Here is what I'm working on now...

A pencil sketch from Van Gogh. Everytime I see this these words come to my mind "Faith precedes the miracle". Not quite sure what I'm gonna do with this yet...I will share when I'm finished.

Oh, and guess what I found in my mailbox the other day? A package filled with this...

My sweet cousin was so thoughtful...

You know me and birds...

Is she just not the BEST?! Thank you, Missy! Love you, Sweetie!!:)

How could I forget to show you my Truth Tag  that's perched on a shelf on my desk...

I learned all about the importance of Truth Cards during my Soul Restoration class with Melody Ross. This one reminds me of my potential and that I need to FLY. Love it!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!! If you want to check out lots of other cool work desks today be sure and click here and join in!!

And one more thing...if you would please say a little prayer for me tonight. I am having a series of tests tomorrow in Kansas City. I have been having this pesky, little problem with my breathing. It seems like I have some kind of spot on my lower left lung. I have known about it for a LONG time...but didn't want to say anything to anyone. I must admit...I am a bit scared. I would appreciate any kind thoughts or words of encouragement!!.


  1. Welcome to WOYWW! It's such fun and good therapy too to own up to your your desk, it's messes, and the creations that come from there. I love your space and see why you feel good there and cosy.
    Best Wishes
    JoZarty x

  2. Welcome to woyww, it is great fun.
    I wondered what you would do with the Van Gogh book, glad you already have ideas buzzing for your first project with it.

    Will pray for you and for the tests tomorrow.

  3. Hi there, Welcome to the wonderful world of WOYWW. It is refreshingly addictive! Thanks for visiting my little UK corner and hope all goes well tomorrow. Remember your truth card, time to fly? Let your faith fly too.
    God Bless
    Ps, love the look of your journal pages.

  4. Very cool! Hmm, maybe next week I will try? Love the concept and your WIP! xoxo

  5. I will be praying for you Leslie! Remember everything you learned in Soul Restoration to be BRAVE. I'm on Lesson 1 and loving it! Thank you for telling everyone about it! xo

  6. Thinking of you and sending positive wishes that your breathing eases up and you feel better soon . GREAT projects - Thanks for Sharing and hope you have a happy WOYWW. Caroline (No 31 x)

  7. I'm sorry I haven't stopped by for a while, but know that I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending you all my best wishes. I hope everything goes smoothly, Leslie =)

  8. You will be in my prayers for sure. I know all to well that scary feeling after going through this with my husband. Know you will be in my thoughts and prayers !! You are a BRAVE's ok to admit you are scared ! Who wouldn't be.. but I for one am here to support you !!! Are you per chance going to KU MED? I may be near there tomorrow !!
    I am in SR 1 now and the first day has be so excited,so ready to do the work ! So good to see how SR has touched others !! Hugs..Kristy

  9. My prayers are with you, Leslie! I enjoyed so much in your post today: your work space is big and dreamy, your art journal is lovely, and your Truth Card is inspirational--I think I might have to create some Truth Cards of my own!

  10. Beautiful tags, beautiful stamps, beautiful artwork! I will say a little prayer for you to! The first hurdle is over, facing it and doing something about it! Of course you are scared but medicine has come on such a long way now so if it is not great news it 's very possible it can be sorted. Stay strong and stay positive -that'half the battle and half the cure!
    sending you big hugs
    Rebecca (48) x

  11. Very nice desk today. I love all the tags, stamps and work you are doing. I found a Monet pad that I am trying to think of something to do with. It was meant to be a scrap pad and I think that is a sacrilege. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #88

  12. Healing thoughts of a healthy lung, headed your way.
    And Leslie, thanks for the inspiration I find when I visit your blog!!

  13. I too will add my prayers! may all the tests go well!
    Love your journals! (and your refuge!)

  14. Will be thinking of you when you have your tests and sending healing thoughts your way.
    Love your fly tag - just keep it in mind!! Annette

  15. Aww Leslie, I hope you tests went well and it turned out to nothing too serious.

    What a fab craft area you have,.
    It’s no wonder that you feel safe and happy when you are in there but then again crafting seems to have a calming reaction on the sole.

    Happy Crafting!

  16. Love your work space! Your journal page is looking great! Hope everything went well!
    Thanks for visiting me!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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