Monday, April 25, 2011

Picture Palooza!

What a wonderful Spring Break we are having! So grateful for this 4 day weekend. It was soooo needed!!:) Here is a glimpse of our weekend...

You are NEVER too old to color Easter eggs!! My sweet family on Saturday night creating the most beautiful eggs....

Aren't these awesome?

Here's just one of the reasons I love my son...he is 16 and still has a blast searching for eggs:)

He found a few...

Ever since Jacks was little Easter has been his favorite time of year. What I'm most proud about is that even though he has so much fun coloring and hiding and finding eggs...he knows the real reason why Easter is so special to us...Jesus Christ.

Sunday afternoon with Grams. It was such a lovely day! The nicest weather we have had in weeks.

This is me and Em on our way to Church Easter morning.

I have such a gorgeous girl!!:)

Me and my teenagers coloring eggs. When I look at this photo I have so much gratitude in my heart to my Heavenly Father. He truly has blessed my life with two of the best children a Mom could have. They are kind, respectful, loving, thoughtful, smart with a just the right amount of sassy!

This morning I decided to sleep in a bit. It's always such a treat to do that. My husband and daughter had other plans, however...they woke up at 4:15 to go turkey hunting. My Dave is one serious hunter!!

At approx. 8:27 this morning Em burst through our front door, yelling "MOM, COME OUTSIDE!!!"
I already knew what that I grabbed my camera and look what I found....

My girl shot her first turkey on our 100 year old family farm!! Daddy is sooooo proud!

Of course we had to get Jackson out here...he shot his first in the exact same spot when he was 8!

Weighing Mr. Tom...

22 pounds!! Way to go, Em!!!!!!!!

Now my husband believes when our kids shoot their first anything it must be off they Mound City for the Taxidermist....

Quite the Daddy/Daughter Adventure....:)

Well, I need to go...we have made quite the mess this weekend...I am off to spend the day catching up on laundry and blessing our home with clean floors and general sprucing up.

What kinds of things did YOU do this weekend?


  1. It's so fun to see photos of your teenagers coloring and searching for Easter eggs. I am hoping that my girls (who are toddlers now) will always enjoy those kinds of family traditions, no matter how old they get. I blogged this morning about our Easter weekend activities...a blessed weekend, to be sure! :)

  2. You are so blessed with a beautiful family! We spent our weekend at family outings. A wonderful way to spend the weekend! :-)

  3. What a wonderful Easter Leslie! You look great and I love the Easter outfits! My Mom had all of us adult children search for eggs yesterday and we had a blast too : )

    My husband is jealous of the turkey. He hasn't been able to get out and hunt yet this turkey season:(

    Miss you!


  4. What a great weekend! We still hide eggs every yesr for Kyle too and he loves to find them and then hide them for us to find...and of course he still gets an Easter basket.
    What a HUGE turkey....WAY TO GO EM!!!!! Oh and I love the PJ pants too...hehehe :O)

  5. Can you come to my house when you are done? Mine looks the same. And spells of ham and peeps ;0 - Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. You do have such a beautiful family my friend. xoxo

  6. you look awesome and beautiful

  7. Looks like you had some wonderful days this past Easter - the eggs are adorable. And the bird - holy cow! GO EM!!!!


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