Monday, April 4, 2011

The Plain and Simple Truth

This is me a quiet, contemplative mood, listening for my TRUTH. What is my Truthteller trying to tell me?

I know I have so many things on my TO-DO list.
I know I have said YES to way to many things.
But they are all good things.
But still I am feeling a bit tired...a bit overwhelmed.

When I get like this I know what it is I must do to feel back on be able to breathe a little easier again....

I make lists.
I plug everything into my calendar and plan, plan, plan!
I make sure I take time for me.
I enjoy little, treats throughout my day.
I listen to Pandora.
And I keep plenty of water with lemon by my side.
My head is just clearer with lots of ice water....

I am dreaming of warm weather, sunny skies and no wind today...

Me and my fave flip flops

Today is gonna be okay.....after all....

See my ice water?

"The best things are nearest: breath in
your nostrils, light in your eyes,
flowers at your feet, duties at your
hand, the path of God just before
you. Then do not grasp at the stars,
but do life's plain, common work as 
it comes, certain that daily duties
and daily bread are the sweetest
things of life."

   -Robert Louis Stevenson

What are some ways you can make your life a little more enjoyable today?


  1. Wonderful post!!
    I too am at a cross road right now - I know you just finished your 31 days - and I just finished the book illustrations and the House of Art so as of TODAY, I am freer than I have been in a while. And I have a month until the next big thing - the adoption process (and a series of 11 weeks of classes) begins. I need to get my lists going too (makes me feel organized) and today is for cleaning . . . that will make me feel better, xoxoxo

  2. BTW, love your new background ;) xo

  3. Hi there Leslie..I always feel overwhelmed...I wish I didn't so difficult at times...teaching my little guy takes up so much time, with them being sick lately too, we have so much to catch up on...and Jacob's illness...right now, 6 in the moring..its quiet and peaceful, just about to have my breckie and morning this is my life now , and at some point I know it will get easier...thanks for popping by my blog too and glad you liked the little piece I did..can you email your address, or where you want it sent? Thanks...take care..xxxps..sorry for rant, I must have needed it...hee hee hee

  4. I went and bought cute colorful buttons for my art journal today. I love making lists too. it always makes me feel better organised.

  5. Great post!! I love your new background... but we're not twins anymore... :(

    Did you know one of my favorite movies is 50 First Dates, and I think The Stand is one of the best books every written?


  6. Super post! It's been a while, but a hot cup of tea in bed with my journal and a couple of pretty magazines does wonders! I love the RLS quote--it's a favorite!

  7. I like the birds you used. :) ~ Laura

  8. great post! I followed you ad hopefully I can keep track of you and give you support! :D Anything I can do for a fellow list maker! :D I must head you advice and drink more water myself! I did give up soda 2 months ago but still sneak in too much kool aid! :) It was seriously windy stormy crazy on my end on the 4th, glad that has passed for today since I work tonight! :D Have a blessed 5th!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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