Monday, November 13, 2017

My Creative Revolution Part 2

“Creativity is more than just being different.
 Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. 
What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. 
Making the simple, awesomely simple,
that’s creativity”
 – Charles Mingus

***This is Part 2 of my Creative Revolution Story. If you missed Part 1 please read that here.***

I "found" mixed-medi art when I was 42 years old. 
Up until that point I had not considered myself a creative person. I mean I scrapbooked and LOVED it. In fact I remember theEXACT moment I found scrapbooking. I was standing in front of the magazine racks at Easter Foods waiting on my prescription to be filled. I spied a brand new magazine called "Creating Keepsakes", picked it up fell in love instantly! 

The very next day I visited a friend's  gift shop to purchase a few scrapbook supplies. I knew she had them but didn't know what the heck "scrapbooking" was until that magazine. Armed with stickers, a black archival safe pen and album I began creating my family's very first scrapbook. Here are a few pages from that book...

Oh my. When I look at this little album now I see all my "mistakes".

My first scrapbook page ever!! Back in the Mid 90's.
You can tell I used those scissors for EVERYTHING!!
And that patterned paper...LOL.

Stickers in corners...

But you know what I LOVE about this book??
The fact that I captured ALL these priceless memories of my family.

Like this cute 2 year old son added his own art to this page. He is now almost 23 and still enjoys seeing this!

Once I finished this scrapbook I created DOZENS more. 
I have hundreds and hundreds of scrapbook pages 
documenting my family's life. 
And as my family grew up my scrapbook style evolved
and got much better.
I was even published in Making Memories Magazine!

Sometime in 2009 is when I found Mixed Media Art. 
It filled up my SOUL! And it was so very HEALING!!

The more I created art the better I felt. And the better I felt the more I wanted to share it with EVERYONE! That's why, in 2009 I started this blog...Words of Me Project.
I wanted to share my love of art and the healing powers it has.

So I did!

I began having challenges and free classes and slowly but surely started to gain a following. One day I decided to 
start a Facebook group....Mind.Body.Soul. 
My little group grew and grew until we had over a thousand followers!

Then sometime last year I decided to change the name of our group to Brave Heart Sisterhood Mixed Media Art. And we grew some more...
We are now over 2,000 followers.
I am grateful for each one!

In 2012 I was going through a rough patch and needed art in my life more than ever. I felt compelled to share my journey so I wrote this class...

52 Week Being Me

It is my most pinned class...over 160,000 times!

The bigger I grew the more I doubted myself. I wasn't
on any design teams and thought if I wanted to keep my 
followers and continue creating I better get "more known".

I applied for several teams but always got a NO.
Talk about doubting myself.

***Please join me for Part 3 of My Story soon!!!!....***

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