Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Personal Revolution Part One

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. 
You trade in your reality for a role. 
You trade in your sense for an act. 
You give up your ability to feel, 
and in exchange, put on a mask. 
There can't be any large-scale revolution 
until there's a personal revolution, 
on an individual level. 
It's got to happen inside first.” 

I thought I knew what I was doing...
where I was going...
what my goals and dreams were.

And I did. 
For the most part.
But still something was missing in my life.

I was creating art, posting in my blog and in my facebook group and filming YouTube videos.
Along with all of that I was part of a collaboration with friend and fellow artist Sherry Canino.

And yet
I was feeling

My latest art journal page..."Little Girl"

I found myself unable to get motivated to create.
I would walk into my studio and just stare at my supplies.
Most days I spent mindlessly surfing Facebook and other sites.
I had zero interest in anything creative.

In fact I made sure to avoid my favorite sites....Dina Wakley, Brave Girl's Club and my own group...Brave Heart Sisterhood Mixed Media Art.
I was so sad and angry and depressed.
And I couldn't figure out why.

So I made a decision. After Sherry and I's art class I was going to quit.
No more Brave Heart Sisterhood.
No more YouTube videos.
No more blogging.
No more social media.
I was done.

For the next few months I submersed myself in our shaved ice business.
I worked everyday and avoided my studio, my art supplies, all things creative.
Every now and then I would miss my girls in my group and take a peek at what they were posting but other than that I stayed away.
And the weird thing is I didn't miss any of it.
Not even the creating.
To be honest I just didn't understand it.
A recent page from my journal..."Believing in Myself"

Slowly but surely I found myself stepping into 
my studio, cruising around on a few art sites and exploring new ones.

I was also spending my mornings with a daily devotional "Jesus Calling" 
and I was putting myself out in my community and was asked to start a weekly 
class at my church..."Art as Prayer". 

It felt so good to be off of social media and meeting new "in person" friends.
It also felt so good to spend daily time with my Truthteller.
My optimism was growing and my Creativity was coming back!

***Please join me for Part 2 of my Revolution later in the week!!!***


  1. What a very open-hearted and raw truth to share. Thank you so much, Leslie, for opening your heart and life to us all. It's so helpful to many who get stuck in a variety of areas of life. I look forward to hearing more of what you have to share with us. Huge hugs! ❤❤❤

  2. Hello. Thank you for telling your story, i look forward to hearing your progress. I dont remember being little, i dont remember my hopes and dreams. I dont know who i was, who i am, or even who i am going to be. I do know your blog is changing me as i think about all i read. I am so glad i found you. I love your words and love your art. Thank you for sharing. X

    1. THANK YOU for sharing!!!!! HUGS to you and YOU WILL find your dreams again!!! xoxo


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!