Friday, January 13, 2017

Fitness Fridays: Starting Slow

For several years I sat on the couch. 
I was depressed.
I ate popcorn with half a stick of butter for comfort.
I gained nearly 20 pounds.

Now here I am at the highest weight ever 
the Change.

Last week I shared my ONE BIG GOAL for 2017.
It's to become a Runner (again!)

To start on my Journey to health I was tested in November for food sensitivities.
What I found out is changing my life.
I am sensitive to wheat, rye, barley...which means NO bread, rolls, pastries, etc. etc.
Also NO dairy.
No cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc.
I am soooo happy about this. 

I have been on this plan for three weeks as of today.
My energy is returning.
I feel like doing something!!!
I am getting more steps into my day.
I am waking up to work out.
This is gonna be GREAT.
And honestly it hasn't been that hard and I am not missing any of those foods.
Which, btw, I ate all the time.
Cheese was a daily food for me.

Each day I am remembering this....

It's only January 13th. 
I am doing this.
I haven't lost weight yet...
but this weight didn't come on overnight.
It gradually crept up on me...
and it's gonna gradually melt away.

This year my Word is Perseverance.

And I will keep coming back here every Friday to update you (and myself) on my progress.
Along the way I would LOVE to hear about YOU.
What BIG GOAL are you striving for this year.
How are you doing?
Let me know here or in my FB group...Mind.Body.Soul Art Journaling.

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