Friday, January 6, 2017

Fitness Fridays: Finding My Truth

The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can. -Mike Dooley

A New Year.
So many promises made.
So many BIG ideas.
Goals, Dreams, Excitement.

I have set myself up for failure many times at the start of a New Year.
I have all these GRAND ideas...
I make a list of 20 goals I VOW to keep...
only to forget about most of them by the second week of January.

In fact only about EIGHT PERCENT of all Americans actually keep their New Year's Resolutions.

But this year is different.
It is.
Because this year I am following my Heart.
This year instead of setting the goals I thought I SHOULD...
 (you know, lose weight, get in shape, write a book, etc. etc.)
I asked myself 
"What am I most excited about in the Year ahead?"
 I thought it would be opening my Studio and getting Brave Girl Certified.
I mean...duh, that's a no-brainer, right??
I thought so, too.
Until, as I was writing those words down in my notebook I could feel my Heart going in a different direction.

This is ME...

Back in 1999.

And YES...
The moment this photo was taken I was in mile 15 of 26.2 miles.
It was the HARDEST thing I had ever done.
But it was also the most EXHILARATING,
event of MY LIFE!

Running taught me to BELIEVE in myself.
That I COULD set goals and actually ACHIEVE them.
I had never been an athlete in high school so this was a totally new concept for me.
And it was AMAZING! 
I was a better wife...
a better mom...
a better PERSON 
when I ran.

So THIS year
in 2017...
my Number One Goal is to become a Runner again.

I have set a goal to Walk/Run a thousand miles this year.
And yes, I know I am in TERRIBLE shape.
Terrible, terrible, terrible.
(well, maybe not so bad...but I DO need lots of work!)
I KNOW what it takes to become a runner.
Baby steps.

I did it before and I WILL do it again!


In 2017 I WILL RUN.

And I KNOW as I walk...
then power walk...
then start jogging intervals...
then start running...
everything else will just fall in place.
My studio...
Brave Girls Certification...
weight loss...

I would LOVE to hear from YOU. What BIG Goal do you have this year? Were you surprised (like me!)? What steps are you taking to reach your goal?? Please share in our Facebook Group!! We would LOVE to have you!!!

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