Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Heart Revolution Week Four: Let's FILL Up our Hearts!!!

"Set down your chains till only Faith remains."
Life Uncommon by Jewel

I have a LOT to learn.
Sunday night I was in the Phoenix airport going through TSA.
Girls...I DO NOT LIKE airports.
They make me VERY anxious!
I was less than loving to one of the TSA workers.
And I felt so AWFUL treating her the way I did.
I could tell she had had a long day...she was trying to be nice but she was worn out.
And then I came along and smarted off to her.


Haven't I learned a thing?

Well, yes.
Of course I have.
But I am only human.
Sunday night was a reminder to me that Heart Work is something we MUST do DAILY.
we need to pause and reflect on what's in our Hearts.
We must FILL IT TO THE BRIM with good things!

Our song for the week is one I learned at Brave Girl's Camp.
It is WONDERFUL! And I listen to it often. Makes me think of my Brave Sisters.
Makes me want to "Lead a Life Uncommon".
Please listen to it before reading any further. I promise you will LOVE it!
And I shared the video with the words so you can learn it and sing it daily like me!

Wasn't that AMAZING?!!!

This morning I found this on my dresser....

I LOVE it when the Universe steps in and SHOWS me what I need to learn, don't you??
Girls, no matter where you are in your Hearts right now...
it's ok.
You NEED this time...
whether you are full of sorrow or joy or contentment.


When I was in my Muck all those years...
that's when I was learning the most.
I NEEDED that time to TRULY appreciate THIS time.
It's a Beautiful thing!

This week we are working on filling our Hearts to the BRIM with GOOD things!!!

Every single day this week we are going to wake up and try our VERY BEST!

Let's FILL our lives with inspirational quotes, books, colors and ART this week!!

My favorite quote from this week's song by Jewel is this...
"...no longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from."

Isn't that POWERFUL??

This week I want you to SEE the Beauty in your day.
I want you to savor your morning cup of coffee...
listen to a favorite song...
treat yourself to an hour a day of quiet time...
create whatever your Heart desires...

This week I will be sharing oodles of quotes!
I LOVE quotes
and find them to be a positive force in my life.

Our lesson this week is to create a Quote Journal.
You can use your notebooks for this...

This page is from a simple Composition notebook...I just gessoed over it then added paint, a quote and an image. I love it!

 This page is from that same notebook...just very simple...a handwritten quote, a word that jumped out at me and washi tape.

You can also use your Art Journals for your Quote book. 
No need to buy a special one...just use what you have!

This week I encourage you to use your selfies you printed off.
I find when I use them in my journals those pages REALLY speak to me!

You can handwrite your quotes,
print them out on your computer,
use alphabet stamps or stencils. 

It's time to overflow our Hearts with Good Things!!!

Be sure and check our Facebook group for LOTS and LOTS of quotes!! 
You can use mine or use YOUR favorites!
Please SHARE your favorite quotes with us, too!!!

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