Monday, November 14, 2016

Week Five Heart Revolution: Wear What you LOVE!

"...All you need is your own imagination..."
-"Vogue" by Madonna

Our song this week may come as a surprise...
There is nothing over the top inspiring about it and I don't know about you but even though I loved Madonna in the 80's...her over the top style doesn't suit me well anymore.

Still this song is one of my favorites and fits so well with our Theme this week.

It's Week Five of "Heart Revolution" and I am delighted to share my thoughts with you this week along with our exercises...I think you will find them a lot of FUN!!

I remember this photo!!
It was taken Christmas day...

But more than the day what I remember most is the outfit.
(because I wore it so much!)

This was right during our financial stress when NOTHING extra could be spent.
If I wanted to treat myself to a new outfit it had to be from a yard sale or the thrift shop.
This skirt I am wearing cost me a whopping 25 cents!!! And that black vest and turquoise top was my go-to...I could wear with jeans or a skirt. 

Oh I MISS this grey short sleeved sweater...I wore it often, too...but sadly it now has a big hole in it!

There's that black vest again...this time with a grey top and red scarf to change the look!

  Why am I showing you all these pics of myself and what I wear??

Our Lesson this week is ALL ABOUT what we WEAR!!
What does THAT have to do with a Heart Revolution you ask??

During difficult times in my life the ONE thing I ALWAYS try to do is dress nice and do my hair. Those two things ALWAYS make me feel better.
And DO better!!

Last year I took a class from Kelly Rae Roberts called...
"Dressing your Joy".
It was AWESOME! I encourage you to take it! If you are already signed up for Brave Girl's University you can take it there. If not here is her website...

She sends out 60 daily emails on how to DRESS YOUR JOY!

Now sometimes MY Joy is wearing a t-shirt and hat...

I went through a phase where all I wore were American Eagle t-shirts!
 (what's so funny about that is now my son works there!)

A few years ago I decided my JOY was short hair!! 
I LOVED it but am so happy it's grown back!!

I LOVE wearing vests. My son makes fun of me!!

Dressing our JOY does not even mean CLOTHES....not really.
It can mean our hairstyle,
our jewelry,
our make-up
or lack of make-up.
It's ANYTHING that makes us feel AMAZING!
That brings out what is TRULY in our Hearts!!

When I look at each of these photos I realize that when I DO dress my JOY I am Truly being ME!!

American Eagle baby!

This week along with working on our Quote art journal pages from last week...
I encourage you to head to your closet and drawers and start going through your things.

This shirt is from Wal-Mart!!! I love it!
During our financial struggles when clothes just couldn't be bought
I would get SO TIRED of wearing the same things over and over...
to uplift my Spirits one day I spent an afternoon creating "NEW" outfits!!
I pulled out clothes I hadn't worn in awhile (we ALL have those clothes we just don't wear!)
and paired them with my favorites. I hung them on hangers....even adding jewelry and scarves then took a photo. 
Not only was this so much FUN it inspired me to wear my clothes in fresh and funky ways!!!

My Vera Wang tie dye shirt that cost a whopping a 5 bucks!!!
 So head to your closets for the next few days. Pull out clothes and be INVENTIVE!!

Me this morning...I haven't worn this polka dot sweater in SO LONG!! It makes me feel so Spunky. I LOVE it!! And my necklace....25 cents at a yard sale!

The second part of our FUN this week is to WEAR what makes your Heart SING!
If you feel like a t-shirt and jeans...wear that! 
If you feel like getting all spruced up...DO THAT!
Even if you are going to clean house like me today!!!

Let's LOVE ourselves this week!!
Let's look Magnificent!!
And better Yet...
FEEL Magnificent!!!

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