Thursday, December 17, 2015

Living Authentically-Journey to the Heart

The most exhausting thing you can do is to be inauthentic.  -Anne Morrow Lindbergh

My Life Lately

The closer we get to Christmas the crazier my life is becoming. The world is spinning and spinning and me right along with it. Between my kid's oral surgeries a few weeks ago, a bout of strep, a specialist visit for my daughter (she has serious tummy issues), an unplanned trip to St. Louis (in like an hour), another surgery this Tuesday (very minor but still)...good grief there is NO time for anything. Oh and THEN on the 23rd we leave for Omaha for two days then back by Christmas to spend with my Mama. The 27th is my son's 21st Birthday then he is BEST MAN is his BEST FRIENDS wedding January 2nd...and of course we are going to that, too and it's several hours away.

WHEW!!!! I am worn out just thinking about it all.

But you know what is keeping me sane in all of it? My family. My art. My Savior Jesus Christ. I am so blessed and GRATEFUL for living my life!!! Thought I would share a few projects I have been enjoying in between our hectic lives...

I started keeping a planner last summer and LOVE it!! I have ALWAYS had a planner and loved it but had not jumped into the planner craze until I found this Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas. It's a weekly ritual and one I look forward to!! I use my planner mostly for memory keeping.

In October my family gave me a Bible Journal and after being scared half out of my wits to try it I finally got around to it!! This is my second page...

What Bible Journaling does for me is allows me to take a COMPLETE quiet break from the crazies and just submerse myself in His Word. I LOVE it and look forward to this time with the Lord in 2016.

My studio is a MESS...

...and this is just one small part of it. You do NOT want to see the rest of Stuff is everywhere!!! But I am creating and that's what is important!! Making time for ART is time well spent, girls!!!! Just get in your studios, on the kitchen tables, in your bedrooms...wherever you create and do it!!!:)

Today's Challenge

So today I want you to take all those words and quotes and whatever else you may have found while looking at magazines and books and put them into an ABUNDANCE COLLAGE. What do you want MORE of in YOUR life? What good, amazing, beautiful things do you want to FILL up your Heart with??

I love my collage!! Especially the picture of the younger woman with the older woman. It reminds me of the ME I want to ALWAYS be and the ME I could turn into (or DO turn into) when I am not living Authentically and listening to my Heart.

Girls...I wanted to share the rest of the Path of Water with you but time has gotten away from me. I need to shower then we leave for St. Louis. It's a 6 hour trip one way and we are making it QUICK. Coming back later tonight!!

You ALL are so important to me!! THANK YOU for being here!!

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