Monday, December 14, 2015

Journey to the Heart:Week Three-Path of Water

"There was no abundance in my Soul because my well had run dry." -Good Buffalo Eagle, The Seven Paths

Girls, my Heart is so FULL seeing all of you participating and sharing your journeys with me!!! THANK YOU so very much!!!

Week Three is here!

This week we are on the Path of Water. What in the heck does water have to do with our hearts?? PLENTY:) The following is an excerpt from The Seven Paths...

"Think about water for a moment. Have you ever considered all it does for us? I have learned to walk near water, for beside it the earth springs forth to provide shade and refreshment. I bathe in water, for it cleanses and invigorates the skin. When traveling in dry places, I pack up water to take on my journey. I have learned from dry journeys that deserts can be weathered only by those who are sustained by deep waters. I know the feeling of walking too long without water. I have felt the thirsty fingers of death constricting around my soul. As is common with so much in life, I failed to understand how much I needed water until I was without it."

Think to a time when you were so happy and on top of the world you thought NOTHING could bring you down. There were no worries, no stress, no real struggles that were placed on your Heart. Life was goooooodddddd.

Until it wasn't.

Bills needed to be paid, there was an illness in the family, a death, a lost job, a messy house to clean, children to take care of, an accident, a loss of friendship....whatever the stress weighed so heavy on your Heart. And life was HARD. So hard and unfair. Your thirst for happiness was undeniable but it seemed out of reach. There was a real drought in your Heart. 

That's exactly where I was for years. My Heart was crying out for something to change it...I knew it had become so parched I was scared it was just withering away...and just like the quote I started this post out well had run dry.

Today's Challenge

Our Challenge today is quite fun and relaxing and will continue to help us with our projects in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy it!

I want you to get cozy in your bed, the couch, your studio...wherever you feel comfy and start flipping through magazines, old books, junk mail, etc and find WORDS and phrases that speak to you and cut them out. These are just a small sample of words I have found in various places. 

99% of the time I don't know how or where I am going to use them...I just know they speak to me and make me think. Many times they motivate and inspire me. 

As you search for these words and phrases I want you to let your mind wander. Think about what's causing a drought in your Soul. What do you need MORE of?

Why not create your own words and phrases for your projects? This is so simple and costs pennies!
These are Word sheets I created on my MAC using words that inspire and touch my Heart. 

I keep word sheets on hand all the time!

Be sure and use various fonts and sizes when making your FUN!

I use a gallon size Zip-loc bag to keep my cut-out words's so inspiring when you have a full bag to sift through when working on projects!! 

Girls, I LOVE that you are here!! Join me Thursday for our next Challenge and find out how Water is not only for refreshing our bodies but healing our Hearts.

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