Thursday, December 10, 2015

Letting Go (Week 2, Lesson 4)

"One way or another we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life and dedicate ourselves to that."  -Joseph Campbell

It's Week Two of our "Journey to the Heart" Challenge. It warms MY Heart to see so many of you sharing in our FB community!! I want to shay THANK YOU for watching my first video...not sure it was the best way to present Monday's Challenge...but I enjoyed sharing it with you!! Thanks for the feedback, too.:)

In case you didn't want to take 23 minutes to watch it (it's ok if you didn't) I am sharing photos of my Truth Cards and Beautiful Moment Cards...

An example of a Truth Card...remember this is just a simple 4x6 index card cut in half and decorated.


Another one only this time using a manila tag from Ranger...


My Beautiful Moment Cards are all on Project Life can purchase a pack of 50 for less than 5 bucks at most craft stores.

Here is the back of one of my cards...

And now the front...using alphabet stamps...

And now using my own handwriting...

More decorated Beautiful Moment Cards...


If you take a good long look at what's in your heart and try to assess why it's so hard to hear it (because let's face it...many times it's EXTREMELY hard to hear anything good coming from it) I am going to say it's because you are holding on so tight to anger and bitterness. And when we REALLY stop to think about anger and's truly just a secondary emotion. 


You heard me...

I truly understood this just a few short months ago from our amazing Shadow (counselor) from Anasazi...Sulay. Did I say she was AMAZING? Oh my I could write a whole, big, long blog post about her!!

Anyways...Sulay was the one who introduced me to this idea of anger being a secondary emotion. Think back to a time when you were MAD. Now forget the anger and start listing what you were TRULY feeling...Let me give you an example...

For years I had been so angry at a loved one in my life for their poor (possibly dangerous) behavior. When I truly began looking at my anger towards this person and started listing what I was feeling besides anger it looked like this...


And ALL those feelings...those were just things I DIDN'T want to feel so I just felt was easier to express that. I mean who honestly wants to feel hopeless? For me that meant long bouts of crying and I didn't want that. I HID behind my ANGER. Which, in turn, hardened my Heart so I couldn't hear it anymore. I didn't want to. Hearing meant feeling.

It's time to recognize that anger in your hearts...see it for what it REALLY is and start letting go....


Create an art journal page about Letting Go of your anger...your fears...all the stuff that's holding you back from HEARING YOUR HEART. Make a list, write a journal entry...get it ALL out so you can MOVE FORWARD!!

Please share your work in our FB group if you can!! 

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  1. Love your truth cards and great moments cards. Your letting go journal spread is really lovely. Great post on anger.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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