Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Creative Weekend

Our art assignment from last week was simple...to just play. I enjoyed the process so much and plan on making this a regular part of my art experience. These are the lists I made Friday. I have my Art "To-Do's" on the left and the Stories I want to share on the right. In my art I think that's where I've been missing the boat...instead of just sitting down and painting, gluing and winging it...I want to begin really thinking about the Story I want to tell. It makes all the difference.

I created this background with my dreams of hosting an art retreat in mind. I wanted this to be extra messy and artsy...I am so happy with the results!

My sweet husband means the world to me....I had our relationship in mind when I did this one.

I tend to work best when I focus on one type of process at a time. If I'm in the mood for backgrounds then I'll create just backgrounds. Other times I may feel like putting images and words in my journals  or work on my Brave Girls. When I work this way I find it's easier to just "go" with my creative moods rather than force it.

The main project I worked on over the weekend was my SMASH book. I had purchased one with a few embellishments in January but hadn't figured out what to do with it. But then my dear friend Maggie  began using hers for our Mind.Body.Soul class and I kept thinking about MY book and wanted so badly to use it. Here is what I've come up with...

This is the opening page..."Here is a little bit about me". I plan on writing a few interesting things about my life right this very minute...my loves, my struggles, what my life looks like right now.

A few pages later is the section called "My Year of Story".

This is the place for all those stories I am anxious to share on my blog, in my art, my book and maybe one day my column on some blog or in a magazine.

Section 3 is all about I am going to become Whole again.

"How I am going to become ME again. Whole and Happy and Fulfilled."

There is another section all about Self Care. This is the place I will write down all those things I can do to relax and unwind...little reminders of things I can do to take the very best care of ME.

I couldn't have a SMASH book without a place for recipes. I ADORE cooking! Seriously...I secretly want to have my own show:)

Most of the ideas I have for my life involve art, writing, uplifting and inspiring ways to share my heart, etc. This is the biggest section of my book.

All my Dreams go here...

SMASH Books are just so darn cool, aren't they??

So that was a peek of my Play Day. Not only was it fun to just let go but it refreshed my soul and left me wanting to create more.

You cannot dream yourself 
into a character;
 you must hammer
 and forge yourself 

 Remember, Girls...you are never, ever behind! I will keep every assignment on my blog so you'll be able to complete this anytime. I appreciate each one of you. Thank you for playing along!!

I have decided to post our next assignment on Wednesday rather than today. Then later in the week we have  a special tutorial for your journals from my friend Andria. You won't want to miss it.

Happy Creating!


  1. Im having fun peeking in at your great course! One day I might sit down and go through it all, looks like some great therapy and great projects!

    In response to your comment on my blog, Nie Nie's book is lovely!

  2. Lovely lively...you have been very busy....those smash books look so fun...have a good one...xxx

  3. I took a look at Smash Books at Target recently...and almost bought one (it actually made it into my cart before I reluctantly put it back)...I really need to make use of some of the wonderful (empty) journals and (empty) notebooks and (empty) scrapbooks before I buy yet another (empty) book!!!

    Glad you are having such fun planning what to do with yours!

  4. This is really so cool! I love it - and it looks like so much fun as well as a great place to document your dreams. Beautiful pages too ;)
    Retreats! YES!

  5. I love your smash book, and love your background papers! the little parachuting robots are so cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog...this is actually the first time I've done art journaling, so for that, thank you. Without this course, I wouldn't have done anything like this before. I'm really enjoying the process and I'm having fun getting my paints out again after a really long time. :)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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