Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ready for the Summer

My side yard

We are having the 
prettiest Spring in
Northwest Missouri this year.

I am grateful for all the

This time of year I start to get ancy.
Ready for the daily grind

Ready to sleep in a bit
or go on an early morning walk.

I find myself making a mental list
of all the summer activities
I'm looking forward to this year.

Art Journal page

On the top of my list is getting to work at The Art Experiencein Downtown Maryville. Not only is it going to be so much FUN...but I am sooo excited to learn many new art techniques!

I plan on painting and collaging throughout the summer. My goal is to have paint on my hands

Jackson and I are still running the Disney Marathon in January. My official training schedule begins in June.

I am looking forward to my friend Kristin's "Summer of Color" Challenge this summer. If you joined us last year then you know what a creative blast we had. If you didn't...then stop by for this year's Color Challenge.

Our summer will be a busy one...Emma has her first full-time babysitting job, Jackson will be mowing with his Dad and delivering pizza. We hope to go to Wisconsin in late July to visit a friend. Plus there are so many movies my family and I have been waiting for including...

1. The Avengers
2. Battleship
3. Men in Black 3
4. Rock of Ages
5. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
6. The Dark Knight Rises
7. Total Recall

Art Journal page

In summer, the song sings itself. 
 ~William Carlos Williams

What are your plans for summer? Please share!


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  2. Summertime! Everything seems possible in the summertime! I hoe yours is blessed. (sorry! didn't know Hyrum wasn't signed out...)

  3. THAT is your SIDE yard!!?? WOWzer! HOW cool - and yes, Jackson will be busy with mowing!!!
    WHAT a sweet surprise to see my name in there! Thank you so so much for mentioning this - I was just last night recalling your last post like this last year - and how you mentioned looking forward to the sunscreen smells . . . it's 100 here (not kidding) so I'm getting a taste of Summer already . ..
    Looking forward to SOC and to having Kendra home for the first time (finishing first grade!) for a whole Summer - she is going to Dinosaur camp for a week! How cool, xoxo

  4. Ahh, how nice to be thinking of summer. We've had too much chilly air these past few days for me to think about summertime, but I am looking forward to it. Your yard is gorgeous!!

  5. I haven't really thought about Summer yet, but your post did me long for those warmer days - one think I definitely will do is sit in my garden and read a (or more) books... and create, ofcourse, always create!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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