Monday, September 19, 2011

The Good Life

"Sometimes I would almost 
rather have people
  take away years of my life 
than take away a moment."
-Pearl Bailey

Royals game last week!

This is what my life looks
like right now. Right this very moment.
So happy, content and oh, so very Blessed.

God is good to me.

Mixed Media piece I created

"Love the moment and 
the energy of the moment will spread
beyond all boundaries."
-Corita Kent 

Em at Mozingo on Tuesday

We have been spending our late afternoons and early
evenings at the Golf Course with 
our dear Emma.

This was her first year on the 
High School Golf Team.

Go Lady Spoof Hounds!

Em & Hannah...such good friends!

"Your daily life is your temple
and your religion."
-Kahlil Gibran

I have been taking each day
and trying to do my best.

My kids
my husband
my calling at church
cooking family meals
cleaning our home
and creating
being a good friend
and learning.

It's all important.

Mixed media piece  I created.

It's all a part of who I am.

"The most important thing in our
lives is what we are doing now."

My desk this week

It seems knowing what we want 
and where we want to go has 
everything to do with our creativity.

I am creating what's in my heart now.
I know what I'm trying to say.

Mixed media piece I created.

I could have remained all 
wrapped up in numbers and traffic...
but instead I chose to follow my heart.
I chose to feel what was inside me
rather than what I thought was expected of me.

Mixed media piece I created.

"Happiness is not in our circumstances,
but in ourselves. It is not 
something we see, like a rainbow, or
feel, like the heat of a fire. Happiness
is something we are."
-John B. Sheerin

I am living the Good Life. 
How about you?


  1. You have really combined some great words and images in your mixed media pieces!

  2. love your art pieces in this post! very positive, and Im so glad you are living the good life!!! Keep it up friend!

  3. Beautiful projects! Love all the quotes and all you shared about your blessed life! xoxo

  4. Dear Leslie-I totally agree with you! my fave quote here is the one by Gibran. I alos love all the art work you are creating! You can fly! You are flying!! and your Em is darling:) She golfs?? Wow! xxx


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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