Friday, September 16, 2011

Fully Engaged

My eyes have been opened.
Ever since my A-Ha Moment a few weeks ago
I see things differently.

I find myself enjoying every little thing I do.
I am not anxious when creating
or worried about whether or not 
this piece will sell or won't.

I am spending time with family...
fully engaged rather than worrying about what's next.

I am using Twitter but only
when it's convenient for me
and doesn't interfere with my family time.
When I'm waiting 
in the car for my kids to get out of school 
or when picking them up from practice
seems to work for me.

You may have noticed I moved
my Followers to the very bottom
of my Blog, too. It's not
because I don't want Followers
it's just because I wanted to
quit obsessing about my numbers.

This has really worked out well for me!

It's quite amazing what happens when you just let go.
When you stop worrying
about page views and tweets
and Likes and "traffic".

I am writing and creating just for the joy of it.

"If we have not peace within ourselves,
it is in vain to seek it from outward sources."
  -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

What brings your heart joy?


  1. I love this, Leslie. Did you read Melody Ross's blog about FB? What brings me joy? Discovering little things...that's one thing I love about my helps me watch for the little things. Might be my kids, might be a bird, might be a pattern, might be a flower...little things.

    Oh, and this new blog background with turquoise & brown? That brings me joy too! Favorites! I love how brown paired with bright colors brings a homey, comfy feel!

  2. I like the collage piece. The prim and proper woman driving the little go-cart!

    As a new blogger I can understand the anxiousness that comes with looking at the number of views, followers, comments, etc. What I've read is that it takes time. I've decided that I'm doing this primarily for myself. I've really gotten a kick out of it so far but I have those little doubts in the back of my mind. What if - I run out of ideas for posts, people don't return to my blog or don't find it at all, etc. It's kind of like selling at a crafts fair (which I'm doing in November). A part of me is in everything that I create. What if they don't want that little part of me?

    And now, for what brings me joy -- finding old family photographs, my little doggies, and ink on my fingers!

  3. hi there l....i used to worry about followers too to be honest...but what does it really mean...i follow some people i hardly ever check, and some i don't even check now as it was a lifetime ago they became a's nice and all...but honestly...what does it our hearts we know the peeps that care, whether it be real life touchy ones or cyber ones...we know...and even if it's one good one, well then, that's ok...i am so happy that you are feeling better and thank goodness for those aha! moments we

  4. Writing and creating just for the joy of it--sounds good to me!!

    What brings my heart joy? The weather cooling down, and the chance to walk around my favorite little town with my family (including my mom, visiting from out of town!), meandering through yard sales! Fun, fun morning.

  5. Nice collage
    Great to have an ah-ha moment, they seem to make everything clearer

  6. Sounds perfect! And exactly where you should be - happily creating when (and if) the feeling strikes. You should know that I find you a tremendous inspiration - and am so happy to be in your company! xoxoxo

  7. Thankyou for stopping by my own blog Art Journaling in my PJ's! I appreciate the comment :).
    I think your blog is amazing whereas my little blog is still in its infant stages. :)
    Obviously we both like Plumrose Lane and her wonderful blog backgrounds and banners :D
    So? What brings my heart joy??
    I begin a new journey this month and even though there are knots and nerves I have the absolute joy of home tutoring my own precious children. Spring is upon us (we live on the other side of the globe) and the air is warming up as too the days will grow longer into those hazy lazy days of summer! Joy? Facing each new season as it approaches :) With each new season are a new set of challenges. Each set of challenges bears its own fruit to enjoy :)

    I hope that was a short enough answer :D
    Again thankyou for stopping by.. CB

  8. Daer Leslie-Oh! i am so gald to see you fully in the moment, being present and engaged. That's so so important don't you think? how often we waste our days living in the past or future?? i am in that very same space these days...what brings me joy? So many many family, little hands holding mine, Tim's laugh, poetry, morning walks, O mag, art, creating, learning...on and on.
    I totally feel your sadness and joy at your children growing up. It's so sad and happy all at once. Until I had Tara I had no idea how painful the process is.I too know that all of this will one day be gone and Tara will be building her own life, her own dreams. Big hugs. xxx


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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