Friday, March 18, 2011

31 Days {Weekend Challenge# 3}

Happy Weekend!! Are you ready for our Challenge? It is waaaaay over due for me!

I need to organize all my stuff!!! Oh my goodness!!! 

I have piles here and there...patterned paper, idea books, rub-ons and stickers!

I can't seem to find much and I keep misplacing everything...I'll set it down then it just seems to get buried-LOL. That's what happens when I'm creating:)

Plus a few weeks ago Mom gave me oodles of stuff including all this!

So much acrylic paint, crackle medium, glue and more. 

Girls, it's time to organize our space! And if you're lucky enough to already have everything in it's place then Whoo Hoo for you!! But if not...take some time this weekend to spruce up your space, clean out a drawer, go through your stamps...I find this relaxing and inspirational.



  1. Hahahaha..that is what my space looks like.....I dont feel as bad about it least I am not the only one...It is nice to know I am not alone...haha......Operation organization....

  2. I love your space! OH how wonderful to have a place to toss all of my crafts. I wouldnt know how to act. Organization. My whole house and garge could use that! Small quaters and have to share with hubby a dog and a bird. No place to grow or enjoy the crafts. SAD!:( But I think it is time to get a bit more organized.

  3. I need to figure out what your challenge is all about - but I definitely need to do THIS. My space is a mess!

  4. i need more than a weekend to do this. perhaps another 31 days

  5. I'm so behind on this one!!!

  6. lord, no. my stuff is in such disarray its so horrible! my hubs is out of town so its going to stay that way until he gets back, when i have someone forcing me to clean! im glad you have the motivation to do it all on your own!

    come and visit me at :)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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