Thursday, March 17, 2011

31 Days {Day 18}

I LOVE my Art Journal!! 
I love learning new paint techniques., new ways of adding texture to my work. It is the best form of therapy I have found. I hope you have enjoyed this week of journaling especially if this art form is new to you. There are sooo many resources out there to gain inspiration from. Here is one of my favorites...

In my humble opinion the BEST art magazines out there are from Somerset Studio. Not only is their magazine chock full of eye candy and instructions but the paper is thick and beautiful...not flimsy and slick.

Each issue has dozens of styles. You are sure to find something that "speaks' to you!

It's also a wonderful way to "meet" fellow art bloggers. To purchase a copy or subscribe please click here.

I am LOVING that Van Gogh journal above....oh, and speaking of Van you remember when I purchased that large book of Van Gogh paintings a few weekends ago? Well, I finally got around to playing with is the girl that drew me in...and what I've "done" with her.

She just looked so sad and lonely to me. Like she had so much inside but was somehow being stifled.

Like there was someone telling her to act a certain be a certain forget about her passions and goals. But like each one of us must do...we have to listen to that still small voice inside that whispers our truths to us. That tells us it is time to find out who we really are and what we really want out of this life we've been given.

This sweet girl had to find her way.

She had to be strong.
She had to smile in spite of what was going on.
She had to be herself.

There are still a few odds and ends I need to add to this piece to finish...I want to get her just right. And then, when I'm is my next project. I have all kinds of ideas for her:)

Doesn't she look determined?

I would LOVE to see what projects you're working on. Be sure and let me know!!!

Challenge #18

This is the last day we'll work in our Art Journals for let's do something a little different, yet really simple. Let's talk about "sprucing" up our pages. I tend to add the same things to my books...paints, pencils, stamps, stickers and words from old books. But really we can put anything in our books! So today's Challenge is to add a few new items to our journals. Here is a list of ideas!

*envelopes {decorate and add to your pages. use for receipts, ticket stubs, secret journaling, etc.}
*magazine images and words
*masking tape
*greeting cards
*old recipes
*your daily lists
*anything you can dream up!!

I hope your Friday is an inspiring one!!! I will post the Weekend Challenge by 7Pm tonight!!!


  1. Your projects are awesome and so inspiring to read the blog post of what youve done. Thank you for sharing. It is awesome!

  2. Hi Leslie! I'm still having trouble finding time to do it all and haven't posted on my own blog in days......that said, I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge! I've been working in my art journal in addition to my daily journal. Like you, I adore Somerset magazines and have purchased every issue of Art Journaling. Oh, and I am totally inspired by the Van Gogh alteration. So much to do and think about! Thanks a million!

  3. Dude, you are making me want to journal so much!! Love that mag., loved this post and can't wait to get out my journal - I don't tend to actually journal - my Moleskins have been for sketching and painting - but I really want to do this and put down beautiful images and thoughts - thank you! xoxo

  4. i use my moleskine for journaling and painting...on side is generally a painting, the other, if i feel the need to journal, will be a co ordinating page with some journal writing...k
    make sense???. i love using my watercolours and crayons in mine, and always black pigment pen...gee i go through those...thanks for your know , van gough and monet are my fav artists///love impressionism...enough raving from me..have a great

  5. Oh how inspirational. I love it!!!
    Painting is on my list :)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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