Monday, March 14, 2011

31 Days {Day 14}

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy "shopping" in your closets this weekend, girls? Not only did I find some "new" outfits but I took this as a chance to totally clean out my closet and begin organizing it. I have a large walk-in I share with my husband. These clothes were literally stuffed on shelves in a jumbled mess.
I sorted through them making piles for sweaters, jeans, skirts, tops I wear year round and tops I layer with others. I also had a big garbage bag for clothes I had outgrown or just hadn't worn in years. The rest of my clothes are hanging up and categorized by color.

I have a ton of gray and black tops!!

Here is a sample of ideas I came up with to breathe life into my old clothes...

This jacket is a thrift store find from 8 years ago. I paid less than $10 for it!! The orange sweater was a Penney's find from 2006.

This will look great with jeans!
This blueish/green sweater was one of those deals I couldn't pass up. I paid $4 for it at Maurices.

The white undershirt is from Wal-mart and the black necklace was a clearance find...$2!

Here's another way to wear that sweater...perfect for church. I bought the skirt at a yard sale last summer for 75 cents!!

I'm really looking forward to wearing the next outfit on my next date night. So cute!! Can't believe I had never put these pieces together!!
The pink cardi is 5 years old...the patterned top was a steal at $5 last summer.

Okay, so I had that cream colored Tee in the yard sale pile until I paired it with my brown long sleeve this!
I rarely wear blouses but I have to admit this would be cute with a brown skirt...

Or this...

Definitely wearing these to church very soon. See that necklace? I wear it just because it is sooo fun! And the best part? Found it a yard sale for 75 cents a few years ago!!

One of my dear friends from Church was wearing the cutest jacket and skirt Sunday. When I commented on it she smiled and said, "This outfit was inspired by your Challenge!! I haven't worn this skirt in YEARS but pulled it out to see how I could make it new again!"

I LOVE that! And I hope you found some new ways to wear your clothes. Remember to share them in your BLOGS and leave a link here so we can come visit!!

Let's get on with Today's Challenge!! 

Challenge #14

 I am sooo passionate about this art form that I have dedicated the entire week to...Art Journaling! Not only will I share my journals with you, but my fave idea books, blogs, techniques and magazines on the subject. AND be inspired with FIVE Art Journaling prompts to use in your books!! So get your journals, your watercolors, acrylics, brushes, ephemera, letter stickers, stencils, stamps, inks, ribbon, fabric, pens, pattern paper and whatever else you use and get busy!!
Today and tomorrow I want you to focus on creating a few backgrounds in your journals so you can be ready to journal at a moment's notice. Here are  few I have ready to go.

Sometimes when I create these pages I like to have a prompt already in mind. I usually print several at a time on my computer.
I don't always say "Dear Leslie". That is just something we did in my Soul Restoration class. But I would challenge you to try it...

I use everything on my pages...acrylics, patterned paper, masking tape and stamps.

One of my fave stamps "Be Happy". Such a nice reminder.
Here are two pages I journaled on...

Most times I use a Sharpie Fine Point to write with.

When working on your backgrounds today...don't worry about what you're going to write on the pages...just create! Be free! Turn on your fave tunes and get busy. When I've had a stressful day...this is the best thing I can do for myself. I just lose myself in the gluing, the painting, the searching for just the right image. Wonderful!

For further inspiration on Art Journaling backgrounds click here.

If you finish a few backgrounds and feel like you MUST write something here's a little prompt for you today...

"Listen to your Heart. What is it telling you today?


  1. Your outfits are so darling. How clever of you to find new ways to bring life back into them. Hmm. a new project for me to do.

  2. Great outfits Leslie!! I organize my stuff by color too...I need to go through my closet again, I just had to combine two closets into one to give one to the husband! :D

    Am loving all the colors on your journal pages.....oh and I posted a link to the cookie recipe I talked about on my blog. Definitely wait til free day, cuz you won't be able to eat just one!!! love ya girl!

  3. Great stuff!! I didn't make any outfits but I cleaned that sucker out!!! I'll be trying to catch up and post my progress this week.

  4. Where have I been!? You have been so busy and I love what you've been up to in your journals - such fun images and colors and a lot of white space for writing! Wonderful prompt with the closets too - I need to get busy on mine . . . xoxo


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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