Thursday, February 10, 2011

My "Do it Anyway" List

So this week we are talking about doing it ANYWAY. I have been doing quite a bit of thinking of what I have already done anyway. Let me tell you, girls. I should do this exercise more often...especially when I'm feeling down. Through the years I have been pretty good at "doing it anyway"!

Here is my list along with one of my favorite's me, taken at Mile17 during the "Mayor's Midnight Sun" Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska...June 1999.

Leslie's List of "She Did It Anyway"

1. I had never ran a mile in my life-ever. I ran TWO marathons anway.
2. I was scared to death of water and didn't know how to swim I finished a TRIATHLON anyway.
3. I was made fun of relentlessly in grade school. I played the lead in every school play in High School anyway.
4. I made many, many mistakes in college and was hurt so bad. I graduated from college anyway and landed my dream job anyway.
5. I had never written for the newspaper and was told over and over again I needed a degree for that. I wrote a weekly column in our local paper for 5 years anyway.
6. I was told I was worthless and not pretty enough and not skinny enough. I met my Prince Charming, got married and had a beautiful family anyway.
7. I was told it's a waste of time and silly to have a blog. I have met some of my best friends because of my blog and have over 200 Followers anyway.
8. I was told I wasn't creative and never would be. I paint, doodle and create daily anyway.

"To perservere, trusting in what hopes he has, is courage in a man. The coward despairs."  -Euripides

I encourage you to make your own "She Did It Anyway" list. When you see all it is you have done "anyway" is empowering!!

Tell me one thing you do ANYWAY!!


  1. wow Im so sorry that you have had so much negativity in your life! but glad that you rose above it!

    hmmm - well the only thing that comes to mind that someone else told me I couldn't do, is I was told that women were not good at math and computers - I went on to major in computer science at the best school for it in the country anyway.

    oh and I was made fun of relentlessly in school also, and I became student council vice president and a cheerleader anyway.

    I tell MYSELF all the time that I can't do stuff, like I always told myself I wasn't a runner and now I am training for a 10 mile run anyway.

  2. wow! I love this post. Thanks for sharing this with us. It's very inspirational!

  3. Oh this is a great list!! I'm going to make my own list now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! That is quite a list. Makes me want to run out and do something amazing.

  5. Great list Leslie, I really enjoyed reading it and it's bringing to mind things that I have done anyway...I'll have to write my list later tonight!

  6. This post just made me sit up and smile proudly! Go you!!! Amazing!!!

  7. AWESOME! I walked a marathon for Team in Training a few years ago! ~YOU GO GIRL!~

  8. Great list, Les! Very inspiring! I am going to think of a few too.

    I was super shy growing up and at the first speech tournament I went to a judge actually told me that I was painful to watch. But the next two years, I competed at State with my HS debate team and we took State both years anyway.

  9. Leslie, this is great...I was a painfully shy child, would whisper when called on to read outloud...but I spoke at my high school graduation and at many women's group events and church anyway. I'm pressing through this "anyway" stuff this week. Whew...each SR step has been something I needed.

  10. This right here made my entire day you are amazing and I love your strength!!!!

  11. I am so glad blogger will let me post here because I LOVE THIS POST! It is so inspiring and true - you can do anything in life ANYWAY!

    After all, I was told I could never have a child, and I have the most perfect little girl anyway :)

    Beautiful blog - love that background! Me xoxoxo

  12. I'm so glad to see #1...I've never run a mile either and I'm training for a 5K. I keep fighting the inner negativity that says, "You're not a runner...what on Earth are you doing?"

    And I keep going back to the gym. It may take me a year to be able to run the whole 5K, but I'm committed.

  13. Oh! Leslie-people can be so so mean...I think that when others tell us what we can't do, or say mean and hurtful's beacuse they are fearful of the things they feel they can't do. i am so so proud of you for doing all these things anyway. I think we are a lot alike -you and I-...doing things anyway. Sending you lots of love this Valentines xxx

  14. This post was really wonderful, Les. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing so much about really put it out there for us to see, and it motivates me to want to be a better person. Love you lots!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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