Monday, September 20, 2010

Tell Me, What is Heart Saying?

 “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook

Something has happened to me that's hard to explain...I have had an awakening of sorts. Oh, I know that sounds kind of corny...but I have. It's true

I am learning to listen {truly listen} to what my heart is telling me. 

Is is easy? Oh, my goodness no. I mean the rational side of me says things like "who are you kidding? you can't do that?" It laughs at me, with ferociousness.

Last Monday night our Art Professor friend was giving a lecture on creativity at our local State University. I ended up going and feel richer for doing so.

Chris focused on what creativity really is. 

It's all about emotion...our emotions.

Chris shared that for him, art is a way to get through things.There was a time in his life when he thought he was losing everything. One day he just picked up a pencil and started drawing...slowly. In time what appeared was a Series he now calls "The Grip". This collection of pencil drawings was on display for us to see that evening and throughout the next month. Walking through the gallery, seeing his could feel every, raw emotion he was going through. 

"Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see."  -William Newton Clark

The goal of art, I realized that night, is to put my soul on paper.

As Bejamin Disreali tells us..."Learn to unlearn."

Chris went on to share dozens of logos he had created including the Franklin Covey look of the late 80's and 90's. 
He shared his fire with us...his enthusiasm for paint and pencils and creating. 
My favorite part was his description of how he loved the feel of paint, the softness of it, how it felt squishing between his fingers.

As I was leaving to go home I noticed an open door to a classroom. I could see easels, in a semi-circle, each one holding a large canvas. I peeked in, eager to take a closer look. Walking in, quietly I saw tubes of paint lying about, used brushes and half-filled jars of paint stained water. I breathed deeply, closed my eyes and enjoyed the smell of oil-based paint. 

"If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint", then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."  -Vincent Van Gogh

I am listening. I hear what my heart is saying. 

I am ready to try, to be open.

I am ready for a new adventure to begin.

What is your heart telling you these days? 


  1. I took an art class in college (a pre-requisite to a photography class) and fell in love with art.

    Except I kept getting B's on projects I'd poured everything into.

    I still have my blank canvases, my oil paints. . .all that stuff. I just lost my muse. Or whatever.

    Maybe my heart's telling me my life needs more color.

  2. Leslie, Funny thing about your post is that I have recently been thinking about how I can get "art" back into my life. Why now I don't know. I just had a baby a little over 3 months ago and with two teens things are way to busy now to start diving into a hobby. I have been toying with the idea though that as soon as my baby is old enough maybe I'd take some classes. I even thought about taking a few at the same university you are talking about. I would have felt like a little girl again walking by that art class room and I too would have had to walk in just to peek around!

  3. All I can say is UGH! But thanks for the push...

  4. Leslie --
    I wanted to let you know that over the weekend, I spent some time visiting blogs on Art Journaling. Even though I signed up for your 31 day challenge, I couldn't quite embrace the painting thing, even though I was intrigued. So I wanted you to know that, yes, it took me longer than most for the idea to take hold, but it's starting to take hold. I'm in the process of mentally getting my list of things I'll need for my art bucket. From there, I'll let you know how my flight goes!! Thanks for the inspiration!! And know that even though it doesn't seem to catch on right away, it does catch on!!

  5. SO AFFIRMING! I made my first call this afternoon to ask for requirements to submit artwork for publication-yes I did!

  6. You are also the great motivator. I wonder how your talents in bringing people together will also tie into your work. Beautiful post (natch) and beautiful reminder to try and just "be" - in both art and life . . . xoxoxo

  7. I love the way you put your thoughts together you are so talented. My heart is saying to be more centered, clear minded, and focused!

  8. Leslie, this is lovely, my friend. I love the quotes that you shared. I am proud of you for stepping into your creativity. Thanks for encouraging me in my own. You are a treasure!
    love & grace,

  9. Oh what an amazing post! Learning to listen to our heart is so hard because there are so many voices demanding our attention. This says so much more to me - it opened a door I'd shut thru busy-ness - so now, I'm shoving it open, walking inside and looking to see what I can find that I've let drop! THANK YOU!

  10. dear Leslie...listening to our heart's whispers is difficult at first but the more you do it...the easier it gets! I have also found that there is just no such thing as a SMALL step...all steps toward the direction of your dreams are HUGE! Go forward...listen to your fears for they have much to teach you...then let them go and move on bravely:)

  11. I loved this post!! And you even did it on Monday!!! Next time you'll have to come and link up for Motivating Monday :)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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