Monday, September 27, 2010

Happiness Is...

I played Lucy in our 8th grade musical "You're a Good Many, Charlie Brown". It really was the perfect character for me...she's a take-charge kind of girl and that's she is hopelessly in love with Schroeder, following him around all day like a puppy dog. Reminds me of the days I used to stalk my husband;) {lol}

Anyhoo....{i didn't really stalk, Dave...we just happened to "run" into each other a lot-tee hee} the show I sang the song "Happiness Is..." 
What I loved best about singing that song was how, well happy it made me,  It's filled with the simple things that bring us 2 kinds of ice cream and a sharpened pencil.

My darling friend Leanne wrote all about what brings her happiness in her blog yesterday and is the inspiration for this post today.

When I was in college I remember thinking I was happy. Looking back now...I know I wasn't. Without going into all the gory details lots of bad things happened to me which I tried and tried to block out with alcohol. Oh, sure I'd be happy for a few hours but then wake up to reality {and a headache} then repeat the cycle all over again.

I was constantly chasing happiness.

If you Google happiness you get over 4.6 million results! Here are a few...

*Personal Growth classes
*Tips on how to be happy
*What is Happiness...the definition

There is even a place on the Web you can visit to get happy!! 

After trying to find happiness I came to the realization that happiness cannot be found in books or magazine articles. It cannot be found in food or clothes or cars or trips.


Real, true happiness can only be found in our hearts.

Happiness is a state of being.

There are hundreds of reasons why I'm happy each day. And yes it can be because of food, my family, your blogs, a great book, the weather and dozens of other things.

It's when we can say to ourselves that we're happy without the influence of all the other stuff...that's when we know we're happy.

When we can just BE.

So many things add to the happiness of my day....these flowers on my dining room table.

My little marker board that sits in my kitchen. I fill it with greetings, quotes and our daily menu everyday!!

I love my craft space!!!

My sweetie, Gizmo:)

My darling Em and my Mom

My son and the Missionaries from our Church. They have such a sweet Spirit!!

And finally my husband. He is simply amazing and honestly I don't know if I ever would have loved myself enough to have found true happiness without his influence in my life.

I am blessed and I am happy.

So, what about you? What does happiness mean to you, girls? Please share!!

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  1. First off ~ I too love your craft space! I think that would make me EXTREMELY happy as well!!

    Happiness is a state of being ~ I too have gone through phases in life where I thought I'm happy! But I truly wasn't happy then. I've traveled this long road that has brought me to discovering me and what makes me happy.

    Simple things like sitting in my living room, smelling my Scentsy burning while looking at my beautiful children glowing makes me happy.

    There are so many little things throughout my day that have a huge significance to my happiness, but I loved how you said being able to just BE. I used to not be able to do this... I had to have something contributing to the happiness factor.

    And now I don't ~ and now I can just BE and I love that.

    Thank you SO much for joining in! This post was wonderful :) BTW I added the linky so you can go link up... I have no idea where my brain was yesterday LOL.

  2. I also love that craft space! It's so refreshing to take a minute and appreciate the every day things. Today I am so thankful for my family and supportive community. I don't know where I would be without them!

  3. Love the craft space too! Even though my craft space is in an unfinished basement (aka, The Scrapbook Cellar), it still makes me happy, and even more happy when I share the space with others -- like the Cellar Chicks.

  4. I am happy when I am in my art studio making things, when I'm spending time with my husband, when I can "just be" as you say.

  5. I find Happiness can be fleeting depending on my mood but contentment, that stays. Lots of things make me happy - getting to scrapbook, my son and hubby, and friends. Your craft space is gorgeous! I'm envious.

    visiting from LBS

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your craft space!

  7. LOVE this post, Les. Love that you were LUCY, too! (I am certain I was probably Lucy in another life!) Thanks for sharing what makes you happy and including my post. It warms my heart ... and makes ME happy!

    p.s. (Do you need a new header????) ;)

  8. Just be...thanks! I needed that... Thanks for visiting my SITS Day!

  9. Ahh.. Happiness. Great post! I think dancing (just movement and music) makes me happy. A smile from someone i love. Coffee. Sunrises and Sunsets. A cool breeze. Oh.. I could go on and on.


  10. What a great post. Your blog makes me happy. Getting time to create whether it be a craft or something in the kitchen. My girls. My hubby. Seeing your BE in the middle of your post. All things that make me happy!

  11. Fabulous post! Today, the rain makes me happy & even though I'm officially middle-aged this week according to my doctor, future possibilities make me happy:)

  12. Such a great post Leslie! I'm glad it's a wonderful day for you. Thinking about what makes us happy has a lot to do with being happy : ) I think true happiness comes from contentment. Being content is my goal and I'm working on it everyday!


  13. i taught that song to a litte choir 2 years back...its such a cute song!!!!what makes me happy today is that we didn't wake up in absence has been due to my little guy being very unwell for too long now...i have written about him on my blog and would love for you to read it to see if you may be able to help me????you are always an inspiration and your kind heart really shows through on your blog...hugs

  14. Love your list, Leslie! It's so inspirational and loving. And I dream of having a craft space like yours one day!

  15. I am at my happiest when I am with my kids just bummin' around; when I am with my girlfriends just bummin' around; and well, shoot...just when I'm bummin' around I guess! LOL That's just my silly way of saying that I find my true happiness in the simple things of life and I have come to find that I don't need someone else to *make* me happy. :-)

  16. Great post Leslie!!! As you can tell i'm a little behind! ;) As for what makes me happy? Family and friends.

  17. This was wonderful Leslie! You are obviously one of the the "shining ones" that are making this world a much better place by spreading really good messages and intentions. I'm very honored to have you as a member of the Mixed Media Art group and I've subscribed to your posts so I don't miss anything. : )

    My happiness grows when sharing art with others who love it too and being with my 2-legged and 4-legged family members and friends. It all comes down to love doesn't it!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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