Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our Take Three Challenge is on it's Way!!!

I am a big believer in supporting one another. None of this competition stuff for me . It always makes my heart so sad when I hear of women bashing on other women...especially when it comes to each other's art. 

Every ounce of creativity we have should be shared...put out into the world. Whether it's in the form of baking a delicious Birthday cake for loved ones, refurbishing an old chair, painting on a canvas or pouring our hearts into our art journals with paper, paint and glue...we are born to be creative beings. 

It's time we lift one another up...encouraging each other, lightening the load, praising the woman that is Brave enough to GIVE. 

This is my goal in our Facebook Group Mind.Body.Soul. I had been to so many on-line communities that were filled with beautiful art but made ugly by petty jealousy, competition and the "I am better than you" mentality. Or there seemed to be so many rules on posting that it took the fun out of it.

I will ALWAYS support each person in our group.
I support your art.
I support you Truth.
I support you sharing.
I support your creative endeavors...your blogs, your own art challenges you may wish to share. 

We should not be in competition with one another. 
But rather LOVE and cheer on.

Throughout my OWN artful journey I have offered women like you FREE classes and challenges in hope to FILL YOU UP with love and gratitude for yourself. If you haven't taken any of my classes please take time to check them out then choose one. They are all self-paced and always at the top of my blog...

And my most popular one with over 70,000 views and pins...

I am proud of each class and LOVE it when I hear from girls like you that have gotten something out of them!!

This month we are doing something different in our Facebook and I am super excited to share it!!
It's called the "Take Three Challenge". What makes this one so different from my other ones is I have invited FOUR other artists to help me out...

Here's how it will work...

Starting Monday February 22nd I will posting in the group and on my blog...

ONE Word
TWO products

An example would be...

Word: Charity
Products: washi tape & chipboard

I will show you what I made using at least those two products and one word then you create whatever you are inspired to! As always we LOVE it when you SHARE in our FB group!! 

The following weeks we will hear from other artists from our Mind.Body.Soul. group...

Mary Langley
Kassity Matthison
Cheryl Lavender
Sherry Canino

Girls, this is going to be SOOOOO FUN and inspiring!! Please share in your art groups, blogs, on Pinterest...wherever you are inspired to!!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on message me in our FB group. 

We have built a WONDERFUL, caring and loving enviroment in or Mind.Body.Soul. group. I am so proud of everyone there!!!

Here's to being creative together!!!

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