Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Happy Page -My process

"May we sit with our tools and honor each messy, sacred moment with them."  -Pixie Campbell

I LOVE getting messy with paint and ink and stamps and molding paste and...well my list goes on and on!! Here is a peek into my process...

Despite the lovely bright color of orange...I rarely use it. Hmmmm...not quite sure why but I don't. Anyway...I started my piece with a bright orange then added a bit of yellow to create a lighter color. As you can see I had fun swiping an old motel key through my paint.

 Turquoise is ALWAYS my go-to I filled in most of the white on both pages with my FAVE paintbrush EVER!! 

If you don't have these brushes go here right now and purchase them. You won't ever regret it:) 

So here is my page looking all messy and amazing and needing so much I add a few swipes of light yellow...another go-to color of mine.

Ever since I found  Dylusions spray inks a page isn't complete without at least a spritz. Oh and STENCILS. They are a must. This one looks like chicken wire...and to be honest the only way to really use this stencil is with spray ink. It is very delicate and acrylic paint doesn't work too well (unless your brush is VERY dry).

Next I took a Native American looking stencil and placed it on both pages, added a few strips of washi tape (I love washi!!) along with a few scribbles with my oil pastel crayons. (Robin Marie Smith inspired)

One of my favorite things about spray inks is how they leave a fine mist in random places on my pages. PERFECT!

Most times I add random stamps and doodles on my pages...but this time I liked it just as it was. The inspiration for finishing the page came from my Happy Mail stash I had received the day before...a stamped circle along with two quotes about flowers and memories. I then went through my stash of images I had cut-out from last year's calendar and found the house and flowers. The flowers didn't have stems so I took a painted piece of an index card from my Happy Mail stash and cut them in wavy strips.

VOILA! A really bright, happy and FUN layout!

"I don't want to be a diluted, half-baked version of the artist I know I was born to be. I don't want to fade out, fit in, or fix the broken things and change. I want to inhabit this skin and linger, stay tethered to this gift for as long as I'm allowed, for as long as life permits."  -Anne Carmack

Thanks for looking!! I appreciate you and your comments.


  1. Leslie, I feel happy just looking at it! Thank you for sharing your process. It can be really helpful to get a peek at someone else's process.

  2. Hello Leslie,
    Yes, Orange is not a popular colour for many, but it relates such warmth when it is used in Art.
    Your work is brilliant.

    1. It's funny that orange isn't so popular considering it is so HAPPY! I think I am gonna try and use it more! Thanks for the sweet compliment, Sue!!

  3. I always enjoy posts that show a spread's progress from start to finish, so thank you for sharing. I have been really drawn to starting pages and paintings with orange and yellow lately, and I LOVE how they look alongside turquoise. Happy indeed!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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