Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today I Know....

"The openness to begin is all the openness required to have each day. We start today, and tomorrow we start again, and the day after we start again; as we will the day after that. In this way does our journey come to us. We begin. The rest unfolds through us."  -Julia Cameron

Last fall I was so blessed to be able to take Melody Ross's "Soul Comfort" class. This was the fifth class I had taken from her and wasn't disappointed. One of the practices I learned from the class was keeping a "Today I Know" journal.

It is smaller than my other art jounrals {5x7} and much simpler. No acrylic paints or modeling paste, no stencils or fancy stamps...heck not even my favorite...spray inks. No, the goal of our "Today I Know" journal was SIMPLICITY.

A page I created after I joined Curves...one of my faves:)

Melody encouraged us to use crayons, colored pencils, magazine images and other "found" items.

Yes, you will notice I couldn't resist using my beloved Washi tape!!!

Oh there was one other "catch", too....all of our supplies and journal had to fit in a bag...that way we could journal anywhere at a moment's notice. My bag is filled with words, images, a pair of scissors, 2 glue sticks, colored pencils, a box of crayons a few rolls of Washi tape. I keep it near my art desk so I can grab it whenever I need it...I know where everything is...NO STRESS!

I rarely create in this particular journal in my art studio...I prefer to curl up on the couch instead, surrounded by my family and create away:)

Another favorite from my journal.

This simple way of journaling has shown me that really all we need to create are a few supplies and a little bit of time. It has also taught me the practice of creating a little something everyday...{although I haven't worked in here in awhile...which I intend to change tonight!}

LOVE this one!!!

Keeping a journal just plain makes me HAPPY!! Sure I still LOVE sitting at my studio desk surrounded by my paints and embellishments and stencils and inks...but I am so glad to have found this "new" and simpler version of art journaling. I think it compliments the more labor intensive pages very well!!

I want to encourage YOU to start art journaling!! Oh, maybe you already do...and you probably do or you wouldn't be here...but if you have only been thinking about it or thought it was too "artsy" for your abilities or taste...why not try this simpler form of journaling? I just KNOW you will not only love it...but it will begin a practice of creating...and the more we create...the more creative and inspired we become!

Speaking of art journaling...have you started my FREE e-course "Being Me"? If not...go here and check it out:)

I would love for you to join our group of very talented and supportive girls on FB. Mind.Body. Soul.

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Thanks for being here!!!


  1. Can't resist the tape either! And yes I too love your happily ever after! Great work

  2. What a great idea! I love how it's so simple and easy to create anywhere. I think I may have to try this. I do art journaling on a bigger scale but there are times when this smaller, simpler style would be just right.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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