Thursday, December 19, 2013

What's Inspiring Me Lately

"I decided to start anew, to strip away what I'd been taught."  -Georgia O'Keefe

I am READY for a change in my life. Big time change!! I have picked my Word for 2014...MOVE, I am losing weight and inches, I am working on Becoming a better Me with my course "Being Me" and I am sorting, organizing and simplifying our home little by little.

What I am NOT doing is creating. Ugh. I haven't created much in a few months {hence very little art photos lately}. Soooo THIS year along with continuing all of the above I VOW to spend time in my studio creating rather than organizing and just staring at my supplies. Seriously all I have done the past few months is LOOK at my supplies and wonder what I am gonna do with them. Soooo uninspired in the art part of my life lately. Very frustrating!!!

For Christmas I have asked  my strong boys in the family to help me re-arrange my studio ONE LAST TIME. I know what my problem is and what's been keeping me from getting any fun art workspace. I need a HUGE table so I can spread all my stuff out on...not the wimpy little desk I have now:)

While I love this desk...I just can't spread out like I want to. Sooooo my strong boys are moving this downstairs for me and replacing it with an old kitchen table. Yes....everyone in my family thinks I am nuts but I KNOW I will LOVE it!!!! I promise to share photos when it's all done:)

Even thought I haven't been creating much I have been sooo inspired by the blogs I read and all the cool classes being offered in the new year. Here is what I am loving lately:)

1. My friend Jodene never ceases to inspire. She is currently working on a calendar project for the ranches of South Dakota. Her passion is amazing and inspiring me soooo much!! Visit her here.

2. LOVE this artist!! One of my FAVES!!! She is offering a cool FREE class in the New Year. I will be there for sure!!!

3. My sweet Mama just signed me up for this BRAVE GIRL class today!! Merry Christmas to me!! Sure to be life changing!!! If you have never taken a class from Melody Ross you are seriously missing out!

4. I found this woman's jewelry via Brave Girls Club and intend on purchasing this necklace with my Word MOVE on it!!

5. There are sooo many WONDERFUL blogs out there and this one in particular is new to me and inspiring me to just get messy!!!

I am sooo excited....a dear friend is letting me borrow her book on artist Georgia O'Keefe. She is giving it to me to read this Sunday at church. Cannot wait to delve into her thoughts and art!!! Love her!!

What is inspiring YOU right now??

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