Week 30: Let's Make 2014 Our VERY BEST Year!!

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
~Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1850

I love all the promise a fresh, new year holds don't you??! It's time to take stock of the year past, see where we have succeeded and failed. The New Year makes me sooo happy and excited for all the possibilities just waiting out there for me to experience!

Before we get ahead of ourselves let's talk about last week's prompt...choosing a Word for 2014. Have you got one? If you do...YAY! And if not...there is still time. Sometimes it takes awhile for the right Word to find you. And if the whole Word of the year thing doesn't do it for you...no worries:)

My Word for 2014 is MOVE. Oh how I LOVE that Word this year...it fits me perfectly!! 

I am MOVEing my body by working out at Curves 4 days a week, walking more and eating right. 

I intend on MOVEing my ART in the direction it needs to go...reallly listening to my heart and not my head. Getting rid of all the "shoulds" and "should nots".

My family and I are MOVEing towards a more spiritual home by having family prayer more often than not and getting more active in our church.

I am MOVEing towards a cleaner, well-organized Home by decluttering,,,trying hard not to let  my emotions make the decision about whether or not something stays in our home or goes. 

MOVE is my Word and I am embracing it!:)

Here is the wall-hanging I painted to celebrate my Word this year. It will hang in my studio to remind me of my Goals...

A close-up...

Yes I AM Capable!

It has been a long time since I created a piece of art I LOVE so much!! Felt so good to do this:) 

Speaking of creating...I will be sharing MORE projects and photos on Words of Me Project this year. Join me for my NEW series called "This week i made..." At least one post a week will be dedicated to something I have created in my art studio, a class or even in my kitchen. I hope to inspire you to create more, too!! We are artists after all...and artists CREATE!!!  Oh and by the way...I was prompted to do this after spending an afternoon on Mila's blog. Please stop by and read her story...pretty awesome!

Here is your lesson this week for Being Me...

*pick a Word
*List at least 3 ways the Word will inspire you to reach your goals this year
*Create a Goal List. I use the following headings to help me...
            Home, Blog, Body/Health, Family, Work
I list EVERYTHING I want to accomplish in the new year then look it over and choose up to 5 per heading. If you want you can hang your list in your studio, your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen...where ever you will see it. My family and I type our lists up then hang them in a frame so we are sure not to forget.
*CREATE an art journal page or canvas or something that CELEBRATES your Goals/Word

Remember if you are new here just jump right in!! You are NEVER behind!! 


  1. Hi Leslie!! I was just looking through my journals last night and started reading my journal that goes along with your 52 weeks.....I stopped at like week 7....my goal for 2014 is to jump back into this art journaling project and do the work, create and see change. I love your enthusiasm for the new year as I struggle with getting too excited about a New Year...but my word for 2014 is CHANGE. I feel it in my bones that change is coming for me in 2014, I've been stagnant for far too long and it's time to take control. Thanks for all your inspiration!!! love ya Les!! :)

  2. Hi Leslie! Happy New Year! I'm still thinking of my word for the year. Giving myself the month of January to dream up my goals. SSOOO excited for your weekly series!! Also, wanted to put you in touch with a dear friend of mine who just finished her 1st month of her 365 challenge. She's a teacher too. :) You girls inspire me- spreading the love! http://fennyjuller.wordpress.com/

    Hope to join you with some weekly art journaling once I get settled in my new home. Big changes in 2014! Wishing you a beautiful journey towards all your heart desires, my dear!

  3. You have an exciting year ahead of you, Leslie, and you are already off to a great start! I look forward to your new feature, so I can see all of the wonderful things you are creating.


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