Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bah Humbug!

 I come from the land of Swirly, Twirly...


Not candy canes and lollipops...
Not peace and harmony.


Absolute Chaos.

And my Christmas Spirit?


Now, this is not something I had planned. Heavens no. Traditionally Christmas is a magical time for me. But this year...not yet. 

I think there are several reasons for this Scroogy attitude.

1. I have been plagued with migraines and neck and face pain. UGH! There is hope the pain has diminished considerable!!

2. Our home is a MESS. Seriously. So much clutter. I can't find anything...for example...I have photos to upload of my 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Book and I can't find the thingy I need to upload the photos to the computer...AAAACKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. We have a house full of hunters. {need i say more?}

4. Lots of running around to games and practices and responsibilites. I just want ONE day without one thing to do!!!!

5. I have been cutting calories all week so I am hungry which makes me head-achy and cranky....

6. Money is so tight and we have so much to pay versus what we get to spend for Christmas. And yes, I know Christmas isn't about things...I just wish we weren't constantly worrying about MONEY!!!!

Am I sounding Scroogy enough for you, yet?

Oh, ONE more whine...this morning both my kids couldn't find what they needed and were running around wanting me to find it when all I wanted to do was to be quiet so my neck pain wouldn't start up again.

I just lost it and all that stress I had been feeling came pouring out of me. I just cried and cried and cried. 

My family all thinks I'm nuts now. 

I hope you don't .

So anyway, I just threw my arms in the air and said ENOUGH is ENOUGH
and I went to my office, shut the door and started working on my 12 Days Book.
I had gathered up my supplies and photos yesterday. 
I listened to Christmas music and began losing myself in the creative process. Without realizing it I was smiling and peaceful.
It was wonderful.

After that I thought it would make me feel better to post something on my Blog today...but before that I just had to go read a few of my favorites. I found the loveliest sentiments on Leanne's Blog and Anna's Blog. Please click here and here to read these ladies posts today!!

So, like I said...I can't find the thing I need to upload the photos to the computer so you can see my 12 Days Book. My mission is to clear out a bunch of stuff today and find that along with a few other things!!!

I hope you found Day One's Prompt on Facebook yesterday...if not here it is....

Day 1:  What does Christmas mean to me? When do I get into the Holiday Season? Is is a favorite song or occasion that gets you there?

I am putting my 12 Days Journal prompts in an 8x8 book from SEI. I found old Christmas photos as well as Christmas stamps, papers, stickers, etc. that I will be using througout the project. 

So, let me ask you...are you a Scrooge this year? How is your Christmas Spirit? 

Thanks to all of you for letting me share today and Leanne and Anna for their posts I think I am feeling better already!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear things are stressful for you. I have to admit I can relate to much of your stress and have been feeling a little down myself. And Christmas is my favorite time of year. Maybe I'll try to ignore the mess I call my home and try a little creative time to change my mood as well.

  2. Hope your days leading up to Christmas become more relaxed and stree free. Don't worry over the things you can not change but focus on those you can (like the kids activities during this time)and the same goes for cutting the calories....put that off until the new year. If you want to be mindful of your intake over the holidays always drink water instead of soda, tea or makes you fill more full without adding calories you don't need :O)
    Hope things get better for you girl!!!! :O)

  3. Oh sweetie I truly understand...sending understanding, supportive and loving hugs!

  4. Ok, so here's the thing.

    I used to suffer migraine, face and neck pain and then found myself a wonderful osteopath. It works and now I do not have to go through that terrible, terrible pain.

    Next...I do not do Xmas. Xmas is all about stress, spending, family issues, over indulgence, spending, stress..... So I have stopped. (I know xmas should not be about this, but we all know it is)I am not a scrooge, I have just opted out of a stressful experience.

    Be kind to yourself and get your family helping you in a big way.

  5. hugs and love coming your way, sweet friend...

  6. Sorry you're feeling down and in pain. I've been suffering neck and head pain from a fall before Thanksgiving so I'm in the Scrooge-but-want-to-be-Buddy-the-Elf mood myself.

    Good thoughts and hugs your way!

  7. Sorry you're forever battling those migraines! That alone makes it hard to get into the spirit. Although Leanne's post sure helps!
    I've had the most fun making some gifts this year...Leslie-inspired! So thank you for that. See, you've already given some Christmas cheer. And as Buddy says, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!! Lemme hear ya, Leslie! (Well, only as loud as your migraine will let you.)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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