Monday, March 8, 2010

My Word, Why I Love Blogging and Spring!

Oh it feels so very good to be BACK! No, I didn't go anywhere but I DID take a "Blogcation". Really, I took an overall internet vacation. I just stayed OFF the computer. Let me tell you what I learned...

1. I truly enjoy{ connecting} with fellow bloggers. I mean truly. I missed reading all your blogs. They inspire me to [do better, to be better], to live life with GUSTO! I never quite knew that until I didn't have you anymore.

2. Writing. Oh, my how missed my passion...{writing!!} I found myself thinking of stuff to write about. Ideas were swirling around in my mind and they had no place to go. So FRUSTRATING!

3. Checking my news on-line. I usually spend a few moments reading the top stories on YAHOO! I missed that.

4. The one thing I didn't miss much? Facebook. Sure, it's fun to post my day to day happenings and catch up with friends but I learned that Facebook is something I can spend about 5 minutes a day on or less and be just fine:)

Here's what I did instead of Blogging, FB and just surfing on the net...

1. Totally cleaned out my daughter's room (ok, wow...what a Gigantic mess that was!)

2. Cleaned and organized my son's new room (Jackson moved his room from downstairs)

3. LAUNDRY! I've been washing all our bedding, our "sofa" blankets, anything and everything that needs washing.

4. I have been hanging out with my kids more after school. I used to check on the computer but now during that time I'm with them. Think I'll keep that up:)

*The biggest thing I noticed here was the way I felt.  Sure I missed Blogging...but before the internet break I found myself getting stressed when thinking about all the housework I had to do and the blog entries I wanted to write and those I wanted to read. I was becoming perpetually grouchy (my word from last week) and that is so not good (or me). Not having the internet as an option allowed me to just get things done. Workout, shower then get to my work. But ya' know what? I found myself stressing over the house so much, even though I was getting stuff done, that I never took the time to{ SCRAP}. No Project Life. No Scrap2010. So really, truly what you can get from my little experiment....

 It's all about BALANCE!!!

Here's my weekly routine for finding[BALANCE] in my life.

I grab my planning notebook and write down the following:

Stuff to Do [here I write everything down that comes to mind that must get done or that I would like to get done]

Workout Schedule [here I write down what my plans are for my workouts, what I want to do, how many minutes I want to workout each day, etc.]

Menus [here I create a list of dinners for Monday through Friday. I also create my grocery list at the same time. Knowing what we are going to eat ahead of time saves me so much stress!!!]

     Cleaning    [here I write down those rooms I want to focus on cleaning/decluttering for the week. This is on top of the daily cleaning I do...the kitchen, living room, laundry, make beds, etc.]

After writing all of this down I think my WORD from last week has to be


I hope some of this has helped you  this week.


On a whole other note, one of the FUN things I did last week is go shopping for YOU! Yep, YOU! I am getting ready for some give aways!! Em and I had a blast picking out some brand new scrap goodies just for YOU. Stay tuned for details.

Also, Spring has finally come to Missouri!! It's about 50 out there today. It's gorgeous! 

Hope Spring has found you today, too!!!!


  1. I know what you mean balance is the key!!
    Glad your back!

  2. I dont know if I have the will power to take a blogcation. LOL. But, I saw your blog via Top Mommy Blogs...very cute! You and I have similar style, its crazy! :o)

  3. Thanks for stopping by. This is a great post...there probably isn't anyone who doesn't need to be reminded of this every so often!!! Great to meet you, I'll be back! :)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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