Monday, March 1, 2010

Blogcation and one Grouchy Word

Having no break in the snow and cold weather I was quite a grouchy soul last week.There were a few glimpses of happiness but for the most part I wasn't very nice to be around. So, sadly I must say the word that describes me best from last week is


Bah HUmBUg!

"Some days the dragon wins." -Anon.

The dragon sure did win more times than not last week.

{However}THIS week I'm taming that silly ole dragon and becoming pleasant. I've made a committment to be kind  and loving in all I do. In all I say. I made that promise not just to myself but to my friends. You see they all had grouchy weeks, too:)

"To live as fully, as completely as possible, to be the true aim and end to life." -Llewlyn Powers


This Thursday I've been asked to give a talk on Facebook and Blogging at my church's women's group "Relief Sociey".  
I am really looking forward to sharing ideas on creating a Blog, writing stories, sharing photos and projects as well as keeping in touch on Facebook. Writing and connecting with people is my passion so anytime I get to talk about it is AWESOME!

Along with my talk this week I have quite a mess to clean up in our home. With all this grouchiness from the past 2 weeks I spent quite a bit of time on the computer, trying to lift my spirits (and just plain procrastinating...I mean who wants to clean when you're in the dumps, right?!)

Anyway, I've decided to take a vacation from blogging and Facebook until Friday. I MUST get some work and organizing for my sanity. When my home is clean I'm so very happy!!

So, have an amazing, fabulous week and I will be back FRIDAY with more of Scrap2010 layouts to share and an update on Project Life.

Oh and by the way...I am so grateful for all my followers I've received lately...THANK YOU for stopping by, reading my Blog and all the comments. You all just make my day!!!:)


  1. Sorry for your grouchness lately, but I get it (and have experienced it myself from time to time!) Sounds like the PERFECT time for a "blogcation" (love that WORD!) Time to refocus on the important things and regroup. I'll be here when you return and I can't wait to hear how your week went. Take care of yourself and sending you PEACE!

  2. I too have been more grouchy lately...I try to blame it on lack of sunshine...but it is just me. I too have been working on being more pleasant and letting the "Son" shine through me.

  3. Sometimes it is an effort to shake the grouchiness isn't it? As for the house stuff I feel the SAME!! If this place is a wreck it doesn't help my mood. The second everything is put in it's place, the beds are made and the yards are clean I feel like nothing can stop me! ;) Enjoy your break this week! Almost forgot, how exciting that you get to share your facebook and blogging knowledge!! I wish they had something like that at our church!

  4. Seriously, I can SO relate to you. I was kind of feeling the same way, and over the weekend, I too, realized that I need to back off a bit on blogging and get things around the house in order. It's funny, because my blog is about balance, but found myself completely out of balance BECAUSE of my blog. I think I was setting to high of expectations. I thought blogging 3 times a week was a reasonable, balanced amount, but have now decided that maybe once or twice a week is all I can handle if I want to maintain balance in everything else that is important to me.
    That is so fun that you get to do a talk about blogging, what a fun topic, I would LOVE to be there :)
    Oh, and I tried to add you on facebook, but for some reason there was no button that said add as friend. Look me up, Crystal Escobar, and add me :)
    Have a great week!!!!

  5. and thank you for adding my button to your blog, you are so sweet!

  6. Okay, you're overdue!!! Here it is Saturday and we haven't heard from you!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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