2010 Word

The great poet Emily Dickinson said "I dwell in possibility."

I just love the thought of "dwelling in possibility". Don't you do that? Dream about what could be. What you would like it to be.

As I was thinking about my Word for 2010 my mind kept coming back to this quote and the word possibility-I love it!

–noun, plural -ties for 2.
1. the state or fact of being possible: the possibility of error.
2. something possible: He had exhausted every possibility but one.

So this year, the beginning of a NEW decade I've picked the word


This is the year I write my book. This is the year I get back into running and train for the Denver Half Marathon. This is the year I serve others with sincerity and love. This is the year I find peace in being me.

This is the year of possibility.


  1. Absolutely fantastic word, Leslie. And reading your post today made me feel things are "possible" in my own life. It gave me hope and helped me focus on what could be. . . I love that. I'm so grateful for meeting you this year, and I look so forward to the journey of 2010 with you!

    Remember . . . ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!

    Have a Wonderful Holiday with the family and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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