31 Affirmations for March

Mixed-Media Affirmations Prompts for March

1. I am grateful
2. I radiate positive energy
3. I am worthy of a great life
4. I have energy to do the things I love
5. I am peaceful
6. It's going to be okay
7. I create with my Heart
8. I can do hard things
9. Self-care is my priority
10. Today will be GRAND
11. I surround myself with positive people
12. Live in the NOW
13. I let go
14. Take each mile as it comes
15. Today I will move my body
16. I listen to my Heart
17. I am enough
18. Love with your whole Heart
19. You are Brave
20. I am Ready for an Adventure
21. Keep Going
22. I live my Dream
23. Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.
24. Be still
25. I am a Brave Girl
26. I am not stuck
27. I Love myself
28. Do your Best
29. Fly Anyway
30. I am worth getting to know
31. Good Things are going to Happen

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