About Me

I'm a Mom, a Wife, a Writer and an Artist.

I am Mom to Jackson and Emma. Jacks graduates this May and is going to college in our small town. He wants to be a teacher. He is AMAZING at Speech and Debate and is a double State Qualifier in radio. Emma is a Sophomore and very athletic. She plays softball and soccer. Her interests include drawing, creating and hanging out with her best friend Maddie.

I have been married to my soul mate Dave for 20 years. He loves and supports me in everything I do.

I am passionate about living my life and seeing the positive in everything I do. My faith is important to me and take several breaks throughout the day to thank my Heavenly Father for my blessings.

Writing is my love. It brings me joy!! I wrote a weekly column in our daily paper for nearly 5 years titled "View From the Front Porch". I am so grateful for the internet and this thing called Blogging. It allows me to write as little or as much as I can.

I am also grateful for my readers and followers. Few things brighten my day more than knowing I have inspired you in some way. I love comments and always stop by your blogs and say HI!!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to read "Words of Me Project". I appreciate you!

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