The Empowered Creative Woman Week Three

“Because true belonging 
only happens when we present our authentic, 
imperfect selves to the world,
 our sense of belonging
 can never be greater
 than our level 
of self-acceptance.” 
― Brené Brown

Welcome To Week Three of The Empowered Creative Woman Workshop

Before Week Three gets underway I just want to say Thank You to Sherry Canino for asking me to be a part of this Journey. I am honored to be on this Empowering Journey with each of YOU. 

I invite you to grab your favorite drink, sit back and spend a little bit of time getting to know me.

The minute Sherry invited me to be a part of this workshop I KNEW what the theme would be...

What does it mean to BELONG?

Here are this week's prompts...

*Where do I belong?
*Do I belong?
*Who do I feel a kinship with?
*Do I accept myself?
*What can I do to accept myself?

Word Prompts


In the following videos I share my art journal page..."She is a Wildflower".
Peppered throughout the video's are bits of wisdom and Awakenings I have gathered by studying the Word BELONGING. I also share my creative process with you. I hope you ENJOY!

Creative Video #1

Creative Video #2

Creative Video #3

My finished page

Here is a list of products used in this week's videos...

Dina Wakley Heavy Body Acrylic Paint, washi tape, various magazine and calendar images, letter stencils by Pebbles in my Pocket and word strips by Melody Ross from Brave Girl's Club.

Again I want to THANK each of you for being a part of our Workshop!! So grateful for YOU.
If you would like to share your work with us be sure and use the hashtag #theempoweredcreativewoman

Have an Empowered week, girls!




  1. Leslie, I love how your pages turned out! Belonging has always been an issue for me, and for basically alot of the same reasons. To be honest, it still is a struggle and has everything to do with how I feel about me.Slowly I am learning to accept,love and forgive myself, and to show the same kindness to myself that I do to others.This is a powerful lesson. Thank you!

    1. So grateful YOU are here!!! I was so hoping this topic would help others. Thank you for sharing with me!! xoxo

  2. Leslie I love your post and I just got through you first 2 videos and I love them!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us!!! I'm going to make my way through the creating ones in the next few days. I'm so excited to create with you ����❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Sherry!! I am so honored to be a part of this!!!! xoxo


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