Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Creative Planner

“The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it.” 
― J.M. BarrieThe Little Minister

It's been so very long (over a month) since I last blogged! YIKES! All is good though...I mean after all I was in FRANCE:) What a WONDERFUL Mother/Daughter trip it was...just everything I had hoped for. We are so blessed!

This photo was taken in front of the

Arc de Triomphe .

We had been up nearly 24 hours here...I was soooo exhausted but LOVING every minute of it!

You can tell I am rested This is a beautiful castle somewhere in the French countryside. We saw so many I can't remember all their names!

It's been nice easing myself back into life. I say easing because two after we made it home from France we went to Minnesota fishing for a week with the family and finished the month with three day trips to Kansas City. Whew! It's GOOD to be HOME and back in the groove of painting, cutting and gluing in my art journal and on canvas.

Today I want to share an obsession I have had since high school...planning! Oh how HAPPY I have been with all the planning craziness that's been on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and blogs. Have you seen all the gorgeous planners and stickers and dashboards and lists and classes and more that are out there nowadays??!

Throughout my life I have had cheap old Wal-Mart planners, very expensive Franklin Covey planners and everything in between. I have had planners for working out, goals, keeping memories and planning my day to day activities. As of TODAY I have one of the latest spiral bound planners from Me and My Big Ideas...

 I found it at Hobby Lobby and LOVE it!! Along with the planner I purchased these super fun and colorful accessories...

 Inspiration cards that I placed throughout my planner to brighten my day and inspire me. I put this one on the first page as a beautiful daily reminder.

These DARLING puffy stickers...they are teeny tiny and I adore them:)

I can't wait to use these little beauties...

Now I don't think it will be so hard to get things done and schedule appointments with these To Do stickers...

There are envelopes, sticky notes and so many other very important planner goodies to purchase...I look forward to more shopping in the coming weeks! I mean who doesn't right??

Here is  what I have done so far...

What's so awesome about this planner is the calendar pages for each month. It's nice to see what my commitments are so I don't double book or forget.

I don't have a lot going on in July so for now it's pretty bare (knowing me that will change pretty quick!)

Following the calendar pages are 8-10 pages for each week. I really love how they they break the days down into three parts...Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Really digging that quote on the lower right side, too. EVERY page has a different quote! NICE!

Here is what I did with this week so far...a bit of Washi Tape, painted notebook paper, my favorite vintage girl image of the moment and a few other treasures. I am REALLY going to LOVE this!!

Want to know more about this planner? Go here.

Currently I am taking a class with Christy Tomlinson and Cori Spieker aka The Reset Girl. If you love planning, want to know more, be inspired, etc go here to learn more.

Check out these awesome planner boards on Pinterest

Have you checked out my Facebook Group Mind.Body.Soul? This month join our "Let Freedom Ring" art journaling challenge to FREE yourself from negativity, bad self image, mean people...whatever is holding you down! We would LOVE to have you!!!

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  1. Love the new look, super fresh and fun!! That planner looks divine and so does all those stickers....I LOVE puffy stickers! <3 :D


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