Being Me-Weeks 40-45

"I 'm not a genius. I'm just a tremendous bundle of experience." -Buckminster Fuller

Here we are...just 12 more weeks of "Being Me"and we are finished!! I know I haven't posted much this past month...instead I have been learning and growing and just trying to breathe. WOW! What a hectic month it has been!

If you don't know what "Being Me" is...please go here. It's a 100% FREE journaling class. Lots of thought-provoking subjects to help you become who you really are. This is a  self-paced are NEVER, EVER behind!!

Because I haven't brought you any new material in a month it's time for some POWER Blogging:) So here goes...5 weeks worth of "Being Me"...Weeks 40-45. Enjoy!!

Week 40: If you missed my post a few weeks ago about Being Brave then be sure and read it. Being Brave looks like so many things...including walking away from something you thought you truly wanted. Is there something in YOUR life you thought you just had to have? What does BEING BRAVE look like to YOU? Create a page in your journal.

Week 41: Have some reading fun!! Go to your favorite bookstore or local grocery store and pick up THREE magazines you have never read before. They can be craft, fitness, cooking...any magazine you may have wanted to read but haven't before. Who knows what kinds of inspiration you will get by doing this!

Week 42: Do YOU have a blog? Have you thought about blogging?? Through the years I have had several blogs. My current one "Words of Me Project" has brought me so much joy and friendship! This is my 716th post!!! I find by writing my TRUE SELF is revealed.

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” 
― Virginia WoolfA Room of One's Own

Even if you don't think you will ever keep a least begin a weekly practice of keeping a writing journal. I know we all love to ART journal...but I KNOW that writing our thoughts and memories down can be therapeutic and life-changing.

Week 43: Be BRAVE and JUST LET GO!! Buy a big canvas and just paint! This canvas was my first attempt at just letting go and painting. Inspired by one of my favorites...Flora Bowley.

Check out her book here. So worth the price!!

Week 44:  "Let the important thing be how you look at things and not what you are looking at."  -Andre Gide  I tend to be pessimistic rather than optimistic. I honestly thought it was the other way around but then one day I caught myself in a grumpy mood and realized I was making myself feel that way...rather than the situation. This has been huge for me and has allowed me to take full responsibility for my own actions. That old saying "Attitude changes everything" is so true. Is it time to check your attitude? Do you look at things with a disapproving view and hard heart? Or do you try  to see the very best in ever situation? I am working hard on this subject and hope you will be honest with yourself so you can change if you need to:)

Week 45:  Spend time with the ones you love. If there is one thing I have learned in the past year...I KNOW that family means everything and every minute you spend with them is time well spent. My daughter has needed me this year more than ever. She is my priority at this time and there is nothing that comes before her. Who in YOUR life needs you right now? What are some ways you can spend extra time with them?

Our "Being Me" journey is about to sure and check out next week's post... Weeks 46-52 will be up!! I would love it if you would share our class with your friends and art groups. Let's spread the word! 

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